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Tom Swift and His Sky Racer

Victor Appleton

Book Overview: 

A $10,000 prize lures Tom into competing at a local aviation meet at Eagle Park. Tom is determined to build the fastest plane around, but his plans mysteriously disappear, which means Tom must redesign his new airplane from the beginning. (Summary by Wikipedia)

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I have marked the right figures and lines by a secret mark, and when I work on them I'll use only the proper ones. But any one else wouldn't know this. Oh, I'll fool 'em this time!"

"I hope you do. Well, when you get the machine done I'd like to ride in it. Will it carry two, as your Butterfly does?"

"Yes, only it will be much different; and, of course, it will go much faster. I'll give you a ride, all right, Ned. Well, now I must get busy and see what material I need for what I hope will prove to be the speediest aeroplane in the world."

"That's going some! I must be leaving now. Don't forget your promise. I saw Mary Nestor on my way over here. She was asking for you. She said you must be very busy, for she hadn't seen you in some time."

"Um!" was all Tom answered, but by the blush that mounted to his face it was evident that he was more interested in Mary Nestor than his mere exclamation indicated.

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Community Reviews

In the book Tom Swift and His Sky Racer, published in 1911, the focus is back on inventions and their use in “saving the day” and competition. There are no searches for diamonds or gold or other valuable items. In the first chapter, Tom is invited to participate in a race of aeroplanes because it is

I read the Tom Swift Sr. books as a child and again when I got my Kindle in 2010. They are an easy read and enjoyable. It is interesting to see how writing has changed since these books were written.

Written in 1911, this book is a member of the series of books about the original Tom Swift. That series was the start of a set of series starring a teen inventor called Tom Swift. The second series featured Tom Swift junior, with more modern adventures. To present day readers accustomed to more sop

Tom Swift and his Sky Racer! In this exciting story or hero will enter an air race to win 10,000$. But who has stole the plans for his new craft!?!?! And can our hero win? Not only the big race agenst Andy (the town bully) but can he win the bigest race of his life? The race of love and family?!?!?

Tom is actually a bit of a jerk. Way too full of himself and figuring other specific characters are to blame for everything. Those other characters are jerks too, but still... I think most everyone would actually not like him very much.

They'd just pretend to, because his family is wealthy.

Really good old classic young readers book about a young inventor that invents this awesome inventions and then goes on these wild and crazy adventures, sometimes getting into trouble in the process.

I love these books. A great escape from the problems of the current era.