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Tom Swift and His Aerial Warship

Victor Appleton

Book Overview: 

Tom Swift is an inventor, and these are his adventures. The locale is the little town of Shopton in upstate New York, near Lake Carlopa. While some of Tom’s inventions are not well-founded in a scientific sense, others elaborated developments in the news and in popular magazines aimed at young science and invention enthusiasts. Presenting themselves as a forecast of future possibilities, they now and then hit close to the mark. Some predicted inventions that came true include “photo telephones”, vertical takeoff aircraft, aerial warships, giant cannons, and “wizard” cameras. However some other devices, such as magnetic silencers for motors, have not appeared yet.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .They wouldn't be trying to get back at you, would they?"

"Well, it's possible, Ned. But I don't imagine so. They seem to have been pretty well broken up. No, I don't believe it was the diamond-makers who put this fire bomb in the red shed. Their line of activities didn't include this branch. It takes a chemist to know just how to blend the things contained in the bomb, and even a good chemist is likely to fail—as this one did, as far as time went."

"What are you going to do about it?" Ned asked.

"I don't know," and Tom spoke slowly, "I hoped I was done with all that sort of thing," he went on; "fighting enemies whom I have never knowingly injured. But it seems they are still after me. Well, Ned, this gives us something to do, at all events."

"You mean trying to find out who these fellows are?"

"Yes; that is, if you are willing to help."

"Well, I guess I am!" cried the bank clerk with spar. . . Read More

Community Reviews

With the likes of a military zepplin, inventions, explosions, foreign agents and spies, etc, etc, what more do you want for a classic adventure tale...

In this installment, Our Hero Tom creates an aerial gun platform. A group of foreign spies tries to get the gun ship and do harm to Tom. They even get as far as hijacking the ship. However, a convenient lightening strike disables the cabal of spies and our hero et al overcome them and save the day.

This is the first Tom Swift book I have read. It is the kind of book I would have enjoyed as a boy. There are definetly some dated stereotypes that some may find objectionable, but I think they offer an interesting window on attitudes and views prevelant in the early 1900's. I enjoyed the inventive

I read the Tom Swift Sr. books as a child and again when I got my Kindle in 2010. They are an easy read and enjoyable. It is interesting to see how writing has changed since these books were written.

So far the least inspired of the series. And it seems like the author just got bored with it, so he ended the book abruptly.

These are addicting, in that you know they're bad for you, there's no nutrition in them, but they go down so easy!

My father didn't have a lot of books and didn't read books very often. But he had several old boys adventure books from his childhood in the 1920s, including Tom Swift, the Radio Boys, and more. The Tom Swift books particularly fascinated me. I read them over and over again, and for a while I believ

Like all these Tom Swift Sr. books, to be read mostly for the historical value. Tom builds a zeppelinish warship for the US government (the book was published in 1915). He is beset by foreign European spies who provide various obstacles for him to overcome. Of note, Tom's dad is quite a downer for T

Really good old classic young readers book about a young inventor that invents this awesome inventions and then goes on these wild and crazy adventures, sometimes getting into trouble in the process.

It seems pretty typical for boys lit of the first half of the last century, though I found the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew to be more compelling. Still, a book about a young man who's invented a warship for possible use if the US enters WWI (the book was written in 1915, when the US was still trying h

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