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Mary Roberts Rinehart

Book Overview: 

The story of three "middle aged ladies". Follow along as they have all sorts of adventures.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Heroic measures were necessary: Tish was not her resolute self; and, indeed, through all the episode of Tufik, and the shocking denouement that followed, Tish was a spineless individual who swayed to and fro with every breeze.

She divined my purpose and followed me to the bathroom door.

"Leave some crumbs on the plate!" she whispered. "It will look more natural. Get rid of the toast too."

I turned and faced her, the empty plate in my hands.

"Tish," I said sternly, "this is hypocrisy, which is just next door to lying. It's the first step downward. I have a feeling that this boy is demoralizing us! We shall have to get rid of him."

"As for instance?" she sarcastically asked.

"Send him back home," I said with firmness. "He doesn't belong here; he isn't accustomed to anything faster than a camel. He doesn't know how to work—none of them do. He comes from a country where they can eat food like this becaus. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I first encountered the works of art Mary Roberts Reinhardt in my grandmother's library as a teenager. At that time, I was captivated by by her mysteries, for which she is best known. Years later, I inherited that set of ten first-edition books, but didn't read them.
Recently, on a whim, I downloade

Those expecting The Circular Staircase or The Man in Lower Ten are bound to be quite disappointed. Not only because Tish is a comic novel rather than a mystery, like most of Mary Roberts Rinehart's other novels, but because Tish is so dated in so many ways.

I struggled mightily with how many stars to

These are some of the most endearing spinsters in all fiction as far as I know. I just love how energetically oblivious Tish is, how patiently pathetic Agnes is, and how eternally frustrated Lizzy is. My! That sounded sentimental, and I don’t know about you, but I didn’t find the least little thing

I love Tish--her indomitable spirit, impractical enthusiasm, and steadfast friends. I want to be part of her gang!

We had been rather chary of motor boats, you may remember, since the time on Lake Penzance, when something jammed on our engine, and we had gone madly round the lake a number of times, with people on various docks trying to lasso us with ropes.

Tish is about as good as it gets in the department o

Charming period piece - Tish is the original feminist. Slightly ditzy, but fun.

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