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Marie Corelli

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .in; it was a sort of creel such as is used to pack fish in, and in it was the naked body of a half-drowned child. It was an ugly little creature—a newly born infant deformity—and on its chest there was a horrible scar in the shape of a cross, as though it had been gashed deeply with a pen-knife. I thought it was dead, and was for throwing it back into the Fjord, but my wife,—a tender-hearted angel—took the poor wretched little wet body in her arms, and found that it breathed. She warmed it, dried it, and wrapped it in her shawl,—and after awhile the tiny monster opened its eyes and stared at her. Well! . . . somehow, neither of us could forget the look it gave us,—such a solemn, warning, pitiful, appealing sort of expression! There was no resisting it,—so we took the foundling and did the best we could for him. We gave him the name of Sigurd,—and when Thelma was born, the two babies used to play together all da. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I had mixed reactions to this book. It was divided into three books, with the first and third book being set in Norway and the middle book being set in London. I really loved the first and third books. It was like reading Victorian folklore, proper gothic tales with a dwarf, followers of Thor and ev

Simply amazing! The very best. Ranks at number 1 in my list of must reads ..... an unpolluted, childlike Norwegian princess marries an English nobleman. But what awaits her in England is a labyrinthine maze of politics, conniving and plotting ladies of british nobility whose jealousy and envy for th

Marriage had for once fulfilled its real and sacred meaning – it had opened all the gateways of the only earthy paradise human hearts shall ever know, - the paradise of perfect union and absolute sympathy with the one thing beloved on this side eternity.

The love of Philip and Thelma as presented in

Read twice now...my favorite book for many years...still might be :)

I do love Corelli, she is the combination of my academic work and my favorite pleasure thing to read-female driven fantasy.
I’m also a fourth Norwegian so the beautiful descriptions of Norway were soothing to my soul. Although Thelma is certainly no feminist she’s certainly her own person.

Marie Corelli's writing style is very poetic and she is effortless to read. Outselling Wells, Kipling and Conan-Doyle combined, Queen Victoria and Winston Churchill had orders for her next finished work.

Atmospheric; the book starts in Norway where the lead character meets and falls in love with the

A love story written by someone who is moved by the beautiful landscapes in Norway as evident by her minute descriptions of the place. Very fast paced and though you dread a tragic ending, it is anything but that. It enfolds enchantingly and you put down the book with a sigh, a wistful one as always

Oh, this book just tore my heart out, it is so beautiful. All the good characters are so wonderful, the heroes are marvelous, the heroines are so sweet; but the villains are all so repugnant, repulsive, horrifying.

Quite a powerful novel. I love love love it!

Marie Corelli is brilliant. Adding Norway to my bucket list now. I wanted to give this book 4 stars but it got a bit slow in the middle. Nevertheless its a nice love story. But a bit too romance for me.

The most beautifully written book ever. There are bound to be mixed reviews on this one but I believe every girl should read it at least once. The book celebrates the essence of a good-natured woman like no other book ever does. Some might call it old fashioned and they are not entirely wrong. But i

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