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Tarzan the Untamed

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Book Overview: 

This book follows Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar chronologically. The action is set during World War I. While away from his plantation home in East Africa, invading German troops destroy it and kill his wife Jane and the Waziri warrior Wasimbu who is left crucified. Tarzan's search for vengeance is filled with much danger, many fierce fights and tons of action as he becomes active in the war on the British side. This is really just the start of the exciting adventures portrayed in this book. Potential readers should be aware that there is a strong anti-German slant to the book which usually portrays them in unflattering lights. This is a reflection of the time and place in which it was written.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Pangani and the Tanga railway. She knew that Wilhelmstal lay southeast of her about fifty miles; but, through a combination of untoward circumstances, she found herself unable to determine which was southeast.

In the first place she had set out from German headquarters on a well-marked road that was being traveled by troops and with every reason to believe that she would follow that road to Wilhelmstal. Later she had been warned from this road by word that a strong British patrol had come down the west bank of the Pangani, effected a crossing south of her, and was even then marching on the railway at Tonda.

After leaving the road she found herself in thick bush and as the sky was heavily overcast she presently had recourse to her compass and it was not until then that she discovered to her dismay that she did not have it with her. So sure was she of her woodcraft, however, that she continued on in the direction she thought west until she had c. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Set during WW!, Tarzan believes that German soldiers killed his wife, so he basically decides to go after every German soldier stationed in Africa.
That's just how tough he is.
Lots of good fights, a death trap involving a lion and hardly a hint of political correctness.

One of the things that's sometimes hard to remember about the Tarzan books is that, with relatively few exceptions (most notably the original Tarzan of the Apes and Jungle Tales of Tarzan), they were written as novels of contemporary adventure, not as historical pieces. Which is to say that when Bur

“Tarzan the Untamed”, the seventh book in Edgar Rice Burroughs’s classic series featuring his famous loincloth-clad-English-Lord-raised-by-apes, is certainly the bloodiest and, well, weirdest novel in the series as of yet.

Published in 1920, the book is set during the height of the First World War. L

As a kid, one of my favorite Tarzan covers was the Boris Vallejo scene where Tarzan attacks Ska, the Vulture. It was the cover to Tarzan the Untamed, and was also one of my favorite stories in the series. The part where Tarzan discovers the bones of the long-dead warrior in the desert, wearing his a

"We are not forever running as fast as we can from one place to another as are you of the outer world"

This book deviates much from the flow that the series had up to this point, in almost every way. The story is a little long, and presents a number of fronts to the reader and as always, ends with an

Tarzan is away from his plantation home in British East Africa, and just when he learns that Britain is now at war with Germany in what would someday be called “The Great War”, his home is destroyed by invading German troops. Tarzan speeds home only to find it in ruins and his beloved wife, Jane, ch

I'm so confused. I guess this book is a collection of short stories, like jungle tales of Tarzan. I need to go through it again in the short stories because some of this book was great and other bits of it just dragged on and on.

Some of ERB's worst dialogue I've ever read. Full exposition for exposi

This is the most amazing book. Of course, it reflects all of its Western disdain for Africa -- Burroughs was as much a colonialist as any of the Europeans. But in this book, written after WWI (1919), but taking a point at the start of the war as its focus -- at the beginning of the book, Tarzan, AKA

One of the better Tarzan tales. The plot was a bit out there, but overall it moved well and kept me interested. This story takes place during the German Invasion of Africa in WWI, so we actually get to see Tarzan picking up a gun and shooting people, which was quite a change of pace. There's also ai

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