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Tartarin of Tarascon

Alphonse Daudet

Book Overview: 

It tells the burlesque adventures of Tartarin, a local hero of Tarascon, a small town in southern France, whose invented adventures and reputation as a swashbuckler finally force him to travel to a very prosaic Algiers in search of lions. Instead of finding a romantic, mysterious Oriental fantasy land, he finds a sordid world suspended between Europe and the Middle East. And worst of all, there are no lions left.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .What a beaming on their sunburned visages! and in every nook of Costecalde's shop what hearty congratulatory grips of the hand were silently exchanged! The sensation was so great and unforeseen that nobody could find a word to say—not even Tartarin.

Blanched and agitated, with the needle-gun still in his fist, he brooded, erect before the counter. A lion from the Atlas Range at pistol range from him, a couple of strides off? a lion, mind you—the beast heroic and ferocious above all others, the King of the Brute Creation, the crowning game of his fancies, something like the leading actor in the ideal company which played such splendid tragedies in his mind's eye. A lion, heaven be thanked! and from the Atlas, to boot! It was more than the great Tartarin could bear.

Suddenly a flush of blood flew into his face. His eyes flashed. With one convulsive movement he shouldered the needle-gun, and turning towards the brave Commandant Bravida (for. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Tartarin de Tarascon est un roman sur un vantard, rural supposement charmant. Daudet possedait un maitrise incontestable sur la langue francaise mais ici il met son talent au service d'un project minable.

Incredibly entertaining, very telling style, full of irony; undertones of criticism on the bourgeois gentilhomme. Typical exaggerations, in line of Rabelais. Outspoken defense of the southern mentality.

Tartarin de tarascon est un roman comique et poétique un seul adjectif pour qualifier ce chef-d'œuvre :merveilleux. Daudet- dont le vocabulaire est riche- compare les villes d'Algérie à les province françaises. Il mélange entre l'ironie et la bonne foi,le réalisme et l'humour ;le rêve et la réalité,

Hài :)

An easy-going, pleasant-to-read comic story, it will brighten your mood and lighten your day. The characters and action seem to be well rooted in reality, and the things that happen can correspond even to our present.
Because ''in France, everyone is a little bit from Tarascon''.

Elime geçince bırakamadım. Nana'nın verdiği karamsar havamı dağıttı. Tam tadımlık bir kitap

Tartarín de Tarascón es una novela de aventuras de estilo humorístico escrito por el francés Alphonse Daudet y publicado por primera vez en 1872. La obra consta de tan solo 82 páginas y tres grandes episodios (En Tarascón, En el país de los "teurs" y En la tierra de los leones), cada uno de ellos di

As I am planning to visit Tarascon in about a month, I thought I’d better be ready in case I bump into Tartarin so that I can recognize him. Now that I know that I may encounter him dressed as an Algerian wearing a red chéchia (fez), it may be easier for me. A give-away would also be if I saw a man

I remember reading this book for a French Lit class and just absolutely loving it. Tartarin is just a fun character, with the Don Quixote and Sancho Panza sides of his personality making for some interesting episodes with plenty of amusing misinterpretation along the way. He loves his comforts but l

Finally! Forty-two years after being handed the book to read, I've finished "Tartarin de Tarascon!" And to think it only took 24 hours (this being the scholastic version distributed to us in Level 3 HS French.

Anyway, it was a fun read; a cute story. And I never knew that it was written by Daudet, wh

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