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The Talisman

Sir Walter Scott

Book Overview: 

The Talisman is a gripping tale set near the end of the Third Crusade. King Richard the Lionheart is grievously ill, and all around him the leaders from allied countries plot and scheme to gain personal power, putting the future of the crusade in jeopardy. Sir Kenneth of Scotland finds himself caught up in events, and finds both his honor and his life are now on the line. Can a cure be found for the King? Can Kenneth redeem his honor?

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .ssed on her that she herself must venture, were it but the point of her fairy foot, beyond the prescribed boundary, if she ever hoped to give a lover so reserved and bashful an opportunity of so slight a favour as but to salute her shoe-tie. There was an example—the noted precedent of the "King's daughter of Hungary," who thus generously encouraged the "squire of low degree;" and Edith, though of kingly blood, was no king's daughter, any more than her lover was of low degree—fortune had put no such extreme barrier in obstacle to their affections. Something, however, within the maiden's bosom—that modest pride which throws fetters even on love itself forbade her, notwithstanding the superiority of her condition, to make those advances, which, in every case, delicacy assigns to the other sex; above all, Sir Kenneth was a knight so gentle and honourable, so highly accomplished, as her imagination at least suggested, together with the strictest feelings of w. . . Read More

Community Reviews

طلسم کتابی ایست از والتر اسکات ، نویسنده اسکاتلندی که بیشتر او را به عنوان پدر رمان تاریخی می شناسند. این رمان بر اساس وقایع واقعی جنگ‌های صلیبی نوشته شده‌، اما وجود عناصری تخیلی و داستانی ، از وجه تاریخی کتاب کاسته و طلسم را البته همانگونه که نام کتاب نشان می دهد باید بیشتر تخیلی دانست تا تاریخی .

I found this story so delightful, I am ready for another Scott.

Wonderful. Now I want to read more of Saladin and Richard Lionheart. Fantastic.

Not exactly what I was excepting but I rather enjoyed this one. It read a little like reading a novel of a Shakespeare history play to me.

I really enjoyed The Talisman. The Scottish Knight and the Moslem of many, many disguises. The story has everything with romance, chivalry, treason, intrigue and a brave dog. Richard the Lion heart comes across as a volatile, quick tempered and not to bright King. In contrast, Soltan is the exact op

کتاب خوبی بود. فقط ترجمه دلچسب و روان نبود و مملو از کلمات نامانوس و عربی بود و گاها مجبور بودم به فرهنگ لغت مراجعه کنم. چند نمونه برای استحضار کسانی که قصد خواندن دارند می آورم:
مضایقه از تطویل بقا و تسکین درد کبر پرعصیانی است ص 271.
آنان دیوانگان را ملهم عالم بالا می پندارند ص 173.
ما در این وادی میغ

En realidad 4'5.
Genial. Me ha parecido que esta novela está muy bien ambientada (el estudio histórico previo es perfecto). A mi me ha encantado, y eso que las Cruzadas no son mi época preferida precisamente,...
En la mayoría de la novela hay varios elementos de sorpresa, que no espera el lector. Sin

The Talisman wins my respect for its sympathetic portrayal of a Muslim--rare for 1825--and it wins my affection not only for its memorable characterizations of Lionheart and Saladin, but also for its vivid descriptions of Crusader and Saracen dress and pageantry. The style is verbose, the dialogue i

A lone knight heavily armed, covered with armor travels through the hot arid desert to reach the Dead Sea, equally without life on horseback he looks at the empty surface the small space, a peculiar odor that omits from it, the strange color unlike any other lake, the salt contents so thick that a p

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