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Tales of Troy: Ulysses, The Sacker Of Cities

Andrew Lang

Book Overview: 

These are short stories about the life of Ulysses, the stealing of Helen, Paris, battles, Trojan horses, and more

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Greece and the islands.

Ulysses then dressed himself like a Phoenician pedlar, with his pack on his back: he only took a stick in his hand, his long hair was turned up, and hidden under a red sailor’s cap, and in this figure he came, stooping beneath his pack, into the courtyard of King Lycomedes.  The girls heard that a pedlar had come, and out they all ran, Achilles with the rest to watch the pedlar undo his pack.  Each chose what she liked best: one took a wreath of gold; another a necklace of gold and amber; another earrings; a fourth a set of brooches, another a dress of embroidered scarlet cloth; another a veil; another a pair of bracelets; but at the bottom of the pack lay a great sword of bronze, the hilt studded with golden nails.  Achilles seized the sword.  “This is for me!” he said, and drew the sword from the gilded sheath, and made it whistle round his head.

“You are Achilles, Peleus’ son!”. . . Read More

Community Reviews

So I'm about half way through this book and realizing that it will be nothing more than a re-telling of the Ilaid. I liked the Iliad and it's been a while since the last time I read it so I'm still reading this.
It's just that it seems pointless to have written this book. The Iliad is already a great

I enjoyed it. Of course this seems a condensed retelling of the classic but I liked it just the same.

Well the author had copied Illiad however I loved classic English in this fictional literature.. moreover a good piece of Greek mythology always takes one to their world the more one reads the more he recreates the scenes in ones mind.