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Symbolic Logic

Lewis Carroll

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Half we are to use; and that the Predicate settles in which portion of it we are to place the Red Counter.

In the “books” example, this Proposition would be “Some old books are English”.]

Similarly we may represent the three similar Propositions “Some x are y′”, “Some x′ are y”, and “Some x′ are y′”.

[The Reader should make out all these for himself. In the “books” example, these three Propositions would be “Some old books are foreign”, &c.]

pg031Let us take, next, the Proposition “Some y are x”.

This tells us that at least one Thing, in the West Half, is also in the North Half. Hence it must be in the space common to them, that is, in the North-West Cell. Hence the North-West Cell is occupied. And this we can represent by placing a Red Counter in it.

[In the . . . Read More

Community Reviews

Concise, engaging, great for self-learners

The Kindle edition is a little strange; I can't seem to find the references diagrams in it, although web searching the book will help you on those occasions.

It's a short book that touches mostly on the basics of symbolic logic, so it might be stuff that you'

A mind opener

A local (accredited) university allows a course in Propositional Logic to replace algebra. There is even Propositional Calculus. I find algebra a lot simpler.

Well, this critter is symbolic logic (Mathematical logic) is not the same but it is close enough. It is more English orientated h

1. Le anatre non ballano il walzer.
2. Un ufficiale non rifiuta mai di ballare il walzer.
3. Tutti i miei animali da cortile sono anatre.
(I miei animali da cortile non hanno il grado di ufficiale.)

1. Nessuna poesia interessante è impopolare tra chi ha veramente buon gusto.
2. La poesia moderna non

Simpatico passatempo per me abbastanza senza senso...more

Great book! Teaches logic and gets the user to appreciate a graphical way of representing propositions. The second book, the 'game of logic' is method of using the first books graphical interface to represent propositions as a game. This is a no-nonsense straight to the point read that is delightful

Lewis Carroll presents a delightfully light-hearted approach to predicate logic, in illustrating the very principles of logic that underly even the furthest reaches of mathematical practice.

Read about in The Believer

In many ways, a fascinating book, though I do admit I didn't actually do all of the exercises and quite a lot of the stuff was already known to me, I still enjoyed reading it and it was very interesting to see some of Carroll's other work.

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