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The Sword of Welleran and Other Stories

Lord Dunsany

Book Overview: 

The book is a series of short stories, some of them linked by Dunsany's invented pantheon of deities who dwell in Pegāna, which were the focus of his earlier collections The Gods of Pegāna and Time and the Gods.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .ross each other in and out as the slaves go round and round, and the fearful fish flash up and down and to and fro.'

But upon that traveller speaking night descended, solemn and cold, and we wrapped ourselves in our blankets and lay down upon the sand in the sight of the astral sisters of Babbulkund. And all that night the desert said many things, softly and in a whisper, but I knew not what he said. Only the sand knew and arose and was troubled and lay down again, and the wind knew. Then, as the hours of the night went by, these two discovered the foot-tracks wherewith we had disturbed the holy desert, and they troubled over them and covered them up; and then the wind lay down and the sand rested. Then the wind arose again and the sand danced. This they did many times. And all the while the desert whispered what I shall not know.

Then I slept awhile and awoke just before sunrise, very cold. Suddenly the sun leapt up and f. . . Read More

Community Reviews

A splendid collection including some of Dunsany's finer stories (the titular Sword of Welleran, and The Fortress Unvanquishable Save by Sacnoth, amongst others) plus prose poems reminiscent of his earlier work in Time and the Gods and The Gods of Pegana, and the occasional early 20th Century ghost s

Tolkien was a curse for fantasy literature.

The professor, speaking the truth, has no fault, but he and the ones who declared the commercial success of the "tolkenian" vision of fantasy (Terry Brooks and Dungeons & Dragons above all) were a curse for this genre. Today, any writer of fantasy must deal

Beautifully written short story collection

The Dunsanian prose is next level but that is to be expected from Lord Dunsany! This collection needs to be savoured and appreciated, one reading is not enough; when I have read it a few times I can provide a more detailed review.

For now just know that this


Es la primera antología que leo de Lord Dunsany (1878 - 1957), autor anglo-irlandés que influyó notablemente en autores como Lovecraft y Tolkien, y ha sido una experiencia gratificante. De hecho, cuando leía algunos de los relatos de La espada de Welleran, creía estar leyendo a Tolkien, no lo

I could not get into the first few stories. What I did enjoy were THE TWILIGHT, THE GHOSTS, THE FORTRESS UNVANQUISHABLE, and ON THE DRY LAND.

The FORTRESS UNVANQUISHABLE is a gem, a magical tale of vanquishing an evil sorcerer told in 6000 words. It took Tolkien 455,000 words to tell his story. Duns

Predivna zbirka priča majstora fantazije. Lord Dansejni je nepravedno zapostavljen na našim prostorima, a kada se spominje, uvek ide samo kao napomena da je Tolkin bio njime inspirisan.
Dansejni je mnogo više od zaboravljenog Tolkinovog korena. Njegova maštovitost i jezička raskošnost, poetičan stil

Dunsany is a dreamer, and THE SWORD OF WELLERAN AND OTHER STORIES are not just stories but flights of fancy rendered in gorgeous Jacobean language.

It is hard to describe the flow of the narrative and control of the language with a few isolated examples, but here is an excerpt that demonstrates the m

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