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The Story Girl

L. M. Montgomery

Book Overview: 

The Story Girl, by L.M. Montgomery, tells about the summer Felix and Beverly King visit their cousins in Carlise, Canada. Along with various cousins and other soon-to-be-friends, they meet Sara Stanley, the Story Girl, a cousin who has a story for every situation. As the children pass the summer, they get into trouble, have adventures, listen to the Story Girl’s enchanting tales, and then… get into a bit more trouble!

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .The magic of her voice worked its will on Mr. Campbell, as on all others. He came in, sat down, hooked his thumb into his vest pocket, and smiled at her.

"What is it?" he asked.

"We are collecting for our school library, and we have called to ask you for a contribution," she replied.

"Why should I contribute to your school library?" demanded Mr.

This was a poser for us. Why should he, indeed? But the Story Girl was quite equal to it. Leaning forward, and throwing an indescribable witchery into tone and eyes and smile, she said,

"Because a lady asks you."

Mr. Campbell chuckled.

"The best of all reasons," he said. "But see here, my dear young lady, I'm an old miser and curmudgeon, as you may have heard. I HATE to part with my money, even for a good reason. And I NEVER part with any of it, unles. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Frankly, the only reason I wanted to read the book was because of the "Avonlea" series on TV. I was obsessed with that series and I think I cried when it ended. Childhood never looked so idyllic and magical as it did on the show -- the endearing innocence, the clumsy chaos and petty squabbles, the b

بعید می‌دونم چیزی تو کتابهای مونتگومری رو دست قصر آبی بیاد، ولی بین این کتابهایی که ازش خوندم این احتمالا جزو سه تای برترمه‌.

یه دلیل علاقه‌م و در عین حال بی‌علاقگیم به این کتاب ارتباطش با اون سریال معروف و نوستالژیک قصه‌های جزیره ست. سریال کاراکترهای همین کتاب رو داره ولی به طرز عجیبی از اون موارد

دیگه از یه جایی به بعد دیدم کتابای مونتگمری تو بهار و تابستون نمیچسبه،
این بهار و تابستونه که با کتابای مونتگمری میچسبه:)
خیلی زیبا بودن.کرکترا و ماجراها و قصه‌ها...عین یه بچه که نشسته باشه به همبازی‌هاش از دور نگاه کنه لذت بردم

وای خدایا
صحنه هاش تا ابد تو ذهنم میمونه
این کتاب یه روزمرگی ساده بود ولی حتی یک ثانیه هم حوصله سر بر نشد .
از عمق وجودم لذت بردم ازش:)
و اینکه
چقدر با سریال فرق داشت حقیقتا به هردوشون از ۱۰۰ ۱۰۰ میدم جفتشون به شدتتتتت قشنگن ولی خب سریال خیییلی متفاوت تره . نسبت هارو جابجا کردن، شخصیت اضافه کردن و داستا

من این کتاب رو شاید باید زودتر میخوندم!اما یه روزی که کلاس طراحی الگوریتمم تشکیل نشد و باید تا کلاس بعدی تو دانشگاه صبر میکردم از مخزن کتابخونه ی دانشگاه این کتاب رو قرض گرفتم و عاشقش شدم!مطمئنم اگه وقتی راهنمایی بودم میخوندمش خیلی بیشتر کیف میکردم اما با این حال باز هم خیلی لذت بردم از خوندنش.این ک

A book version of a ray of sunshine, where so many beautiful things were happening! It felt like the rays of the morning that were seeping in and slanting through the book pages - with its colourful words shining rainbow throughout the story - were having a power of making the characters and the set

In the Story Girl and the Golden Road, LM Montgomery takes us to a lovely place indeed- her descriptions of Prince Edward Island make the reader want to be there, the tales the Story Girl tells us are charming as is the Story Girl herself, and as beautiful is that childhood that the book takes us to

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