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Stories From the Arabian Nights

Laurence Housman

Book Overview: 

Scheherazadè, the heroine of the Thousand and one Nights, ranks among the great story-tellers of the world but the great quantity of her stories were meant to stave off her death and so we can expect a few to be not of the best quality. The six stories chosen here to be retold by Laurence Housman however, are some of the very best to be had among all of them. They are beautifully written and deserve to be 'told' by readers who enjoy telling stories.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .And immediately the four fishes lifted their heads from the frying fat and answered—

[Pg 10]

"Even so, the bond holds yet;
Paid by thee, we pay the debt.
With give and take is the reckoning met."

Thereupon the damsel upset the pan into the fire and retired through the wall in the same way that she had come, leaving the four fish all charred to a cinder.

Whereupon one upset the pan into the fire.

The cook, beholding her labour thus brought to naught, began to weep and bewail herself, expecting no less than instant dismissal, and was still loud in her lamentations when the Vizier arrived to see if the fish were ready.

Recalling the fisherman by a swift messenger.

On hearing her account of what had occurred, the Vizier was greatly astonished, but feared to bring so strange a report to the Sultan's ears while the cravings of the royal appetite . . . Read More

Community Reviews

The Arabian Nights / 0-486-22289-6

I'm a bit of an "Thousand Nights" enthusiast -- I enjoy the stories immensely and I have four separate translations in my personal library. Several friends have asked me to discuss the differences between the editions, so I thought I'd present a four-way comparison

I didn't set out to do a feminist reading of these tales, but it became impossible not to, seeing as how Aladdin rapes Jasmine.

Except her name is Badroulbadour. I can't imagine why Disney thought it needed tweaking.

I know what you're thinking. Surely I'm applying some kind of modern expansive defini

I really enjoyed this the second time around, and maybe even more so as I've matured. I have my favourite ones, but not enough to begin listing them as they all kept my interest much like they withheld the King's.

They were short and full of adventure. I felt like I was able to inject myself in them

Not quite 1001 stories, but this translation/version of The Arabian Nights has quite a few of the folk tales from the Middle East. The stories are framed in the story of Scheherazade, who told the Sultan tales each night for 1001 nights to prevent him killing her. The tales are sometimes tales withi

This is probably one of the oldest books that I've had on my shelf as this is one my mum bought for me when I was still in elementary school. I've been really wanted to start reading more translated works from non-European countries and felt that this was a good one to pick up. I'm sure you all know

I enoyed these ancient tales of princes, princesses, genies, merchants, fantastic adventures, treasures, grand palaces. Common themes are cleverness or foolishness, love, revenge, jealousy, but above all, generosity and helping those in need is valued most in these stories.

Besides entertainment, we

Sindbad the Sailor and Other Stories is the second collection by the publisher Omega, of some of the "Tales from One Thousand and One Nights". The first, simply called "Arabian Nights" is reviewed separately (link here).

The two books together contain the most famous of the "Arabian Nights" tales, an

This is a lavishly illustrated edition of some of the stories from the famous One Thousand and One Nights collection of Arabian folk tales. It is beautifully produced with stitched sections of heavy quality Art paper used for the text. Interwoven are batches of thinner glossy paper, containing super

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