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Book Excerpt: 
. . .his opposition of terms is extended by us to all actions, to the tones of the voice, the notes of music, the workings of the mind, the characters of men. The two classes both have their exaggerations; and the exaggerations of the one are termed 'hardness,' 'violence,' 'madness;' of the other 'cowardliness,' or 'sluggishness.' And if we pursue the enquiry, we find that these opposite characters are naturally at variance, and can hardly be reconciled. In lesser matters the antagonism between them is ludicrous, but in the State may be the occasion of grave disorders, and may disturb the whole course of human life. For the orderly class are always wanting to be at peace, and hence they pass imperceptibly into the condition of slaves; and the courageous sort are always wanting to go to war, even when the odds are against them, and are soon destroyed by their enemies. But the true art of government, first preparing the material by education, weaves the two elements into one, m. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Mi másért vettem meg tavaly ezt a könyvet, mint az első harmadában elmesélt apokalipszis-mítoszért. A többi része is érdekes, de mítoszmesélésben még mindig Platón a legmenőbb. Még akkor is jól csinálja, ha rosszul csinálja. 

Tavaly szeptemberben ugyanis apokalipszistörténetekről hallgattam előadást

Δεν σταματάει να με εκπλήσσει η ανακάλυψη όλων και περισσότερων αντανακλάσεων της σκέψης του Πλάτωνα στη νεωτερική και σύγχρονη συγκρότητη της κυριαρχίας.

This E-book (a Benjamin Jowett translation) is the last and final Platonic dialogue I’ve read. Jowett says that the Statesman has little of the grace, beauty and dramatic power of Plato’s earlier dialogues, but it is still “the highest and most ideal conception of politics in Plato’s writing.” The r

Seth Benardete's translation of Plato's Statesman is the translation any student of Plato (who lacks full knowledge of Greek) should make primary use of. His translation is the most literal one, and Benardete's mastery of Greek and his faithfulness to the particulars of the original make it the tran


November 2004

Plato's most disturbing political dialogue

This book, the culmination of Benardete's masterful translation of what Jacob Klein was pleased to call `Plato's Trilogy,' includes not only a translation of `The Statesman' but also a superb commentary with notes. (Benardete, btw, is som

عجائب لا تنقضي عند أفلاطون

Ο Πλάτων στην Πολιτεία εκθέτει τις απόψεις του για την πολιτική, ενώ στον Πολιτικό προσεγγίζει το θέμα από την πλευρά των πολιτών.

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