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Star Born

Andre Norton

Book Overview: 

Andre Norton’s “Star Born” pictures a human colony in another galaxy, driven away from Earth generations ago by a repressive government. Considered outlaws, the colonists are in permanent hiding.
They have developed friendship and cooperation with a local race of “mermen” who are equally at home on land or sea. But that race only took to the sea to escape a malevolent power that hunted them and killed them violently for sport – Those Others.
With a global decline in the population and reach of Those Others, contacts are few and the humans have no direct knowledge of them. So it is a major surprise when Dalgard, a human scout on his coming-of-age expedition, along with his “knife-brother” Sssuri of the mermen, run into a party of Those Others who are bent on reclaiming hideous weaponry left behind in one of their abandoned cities… and find that they are being aided by new arrivals from Earth!

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .n confined spaces, and he knew all there was possible to learn about its handling on his home world. But he had never tried to bring it down on a roof, and he was very sure that now he had no margin for error left him, not with Hobart breathing impatiently beside him, his hands moving as if, as a pilot of a spacer, he could well take over the controls here.

Raf circled twice, eyeing the surface of the roof in search of any break which could mean a crack-up at landing. And then, though he refused to be hurried by the urgency of the men with him, he came in, cutting speed, bringing them down with only a slight jar.

Hobart twisted around to face Soriki. "Still getting it?"

The other, cupping his earphones to his head with his hands, nodded. "Give me a minute or two," he told them, "and I'll have a fix. They're excited about[42] something—the way this jabber-jabber is coming through—"

"About us," Raf thought. The ruined tower t. . . Read More

Community Reviews

This story is about the human descendants who left Earth in Andre Norton's prior story, The Stars Are Ours. In the time since the refugee humans colonized Astra, tension has grown from the devolved natives of a once great empire that originally populated the planet.

A space exploration ship from Eart

I quite enjoyed this book! I’m not typically a huge sci-fi reader, though I do enjoy it on occasion. This book was very well written, the characters were enjoyable, the world and plot was very interesting, and the description was perfect!

This was a really fun book. Light reading and interesting plot. I'd love to read a sequel of both the main characters to see how the experiences of this book affect them in the next. :)

Reading Andre Norton (1912-2005) is like comfort food for the brain. She was one of my favorite authors as a kid--but, as she was a prolific author, there are many books of hers I have not read, such as this one, from 1957. Some might think much of her work--from the 50s and 60s- is dated and is als

Short and sweet, two separate plot lines that converge late into the novel but to great effect. Apparently this is a sequel to an earlier book but there's nothing on the cover of this edition to indicate this. In any case, it reads fine as a stand-alone novel and I didn't feel particularly confused

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