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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Sophist, or that his will ultimately prove to be the desired art of education; but neither do I think that he can long escape me, for every way is blocked. Before we make the final assault, let us take breath, and reckon up the many forms which he has assumed: (1) he was the paid hunter of wealth and birth; (2) he was the trader in the goods of the soul; (3) he was the retailer of them; (4) he was the manufacturer of his own learned wares; (5) he was the disputant; and (6) he was the purger away of prejudices—although this latter point is admitted to be doubtful.

Now, there must surely be something wrong in the professor of any art having so many names and kinds of knowledge. Does not the very number of them imply that the nature of his art is not understood? And that we may not be involved in the misunderstanding, let us observe which of his characteristics is the most prominent. Above all things he is a disputant. He will dispute and teach others to dis. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Аристотел е най-харизматичният античен философ разказвач за мен, но пък може би точно този диалог на Платон е от по-обраните му. Така или иначе бързо се чете, но това не се отнася за пояснителната литература върху него :))

En este dialogo, del cual Platón toma de la mano al Extranjero, da sentido decisivo a lo que toca a lo esencial de su proyecto filosófico desde su enfoque metodológico hasta su dimensión ontológica. Un dialogo que corresponde al periodo tardío del autor y que tiene como eje central las característic

Okay I know I know I know, I have said countless time that I don't like Plato and that I don't like dialogues... Apparently, I do like the Sophist...

I'm not going to try to go into too much details about why I did like this book in contrast to my general opinion on Plato's dialogue, but I think it h

Opposites time all the time in this dialogue. Trying to break down in the most tedious line of questions of what is being and what is non being. This dialogue was dragging for a while near the end and then it wraps up without much of a conclusion in a matter of phrases. Certainly didn’t feel conclus

Clearly I’ll have to read this again. I suspect God kills a kitten every time Theaetetus says “clearly” “definitely,” “of course.” BECAUSE NONE OF THAT IS CLEAR AT ALL.

I became interested in Sophist through Heidegger. I’ve read a bunch of Plato’s dialogues before, I can’t remember which, I read them

مكالمه ى سوفيست، به شناخت ماهيت سوفيست مى پردازد. سقراط در اين گفتگو ساكت است و بيگانه اى الئايى صحبت مى كند.

خلاصه ى مباحث

(view spoiler)[
افلاطون ابتدا مى گويد عدم مضاف غير از عدم مطلق است، و عدم مضاف در حقيقت موجود است.
سپس بيان مى دارد كه "معرفت خلاف واقع" و "استدلال نادرست" قسمى از عدم مضاف هستند، و در نتيجه وج (hide spoiler)]

O.k. Since now, whenever somebody asks me what's the point of reading Plato after nearly 2500 years, I can laught earnestly.
This was a truly extraordinary experience. Plato is quite regardful writer, he makes sure everybody's got the point before he moves on. Trying to define (and succeding in it wh

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