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The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke

C. J. Dennis

Book Overview: 

The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke is a verse novel by Australian novelist and poet C. J. Dennis. The book sold over 60,000 copies in nine editions within the first year, and is probably one of the highest selling verse novels ever published in Australia.
The novel tells the story of Bill, a larrikin of the Little Lonsdale Street Push, who is introduced to a young woman by the name of Doreen. The book chronicles their courtship and marriage, detailing Bill’s transformation from a violence-prone gang member to a contented husband and father.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I did.

  She knoo. I've done me block in on her, straight.
    A cove 'as got to think some time in life
  An' get some decent tart, ere it's too late,
        To be 'is wife.
  But, Gawd! 'Oo would 'a' thort it could 'a' been
  My luck to strike the likes of Per?…Doreen!

  Aw, I can stand their chuckin' off, I can.
    It's 'ard; an' I'd delight to take 'em on.
  The dawgs! But it gets that way wiv a man
        When 'e's fair gone.
  She'll sight no stoush; an' so I have to take
  Their mag, an' do a duck fer her sweet sake.

  Fer 'er sweet sake I've gone and chucked it clean:
    The pubs an'. . . Read More

Community Reviews

The ancestor of the typical Aussie humour that we all know today. A pretty simple plot is dressed up by Dennis' masterful usage of Australian slang and idioms, this verse novella paints a three-dimensional portrait (or perhaps an affectionate caricature) of A typical Aussie bloke. The influence of "

CJ Dennis is my favourite Australian writer. I love the way he manages to get the sound of his character's speech into the written word. It can be a challenge to read but once mastered his stories are a delight to read.

Absolutely brilliant words of a loveable you-beaut Aussie larrikin in love!

Tale uv a coot who 'eaves 'imself out of 'is lowly groove 'cors uv the luv of his bonzer tart.

An absolute delight. The Australian dream, narrated by a right bogan in my native 'Strayan.

"Jist let me tell yeh 'ow it come about.
The things that I've been thro' 'ud fill a book.
Right frum me birf Fate pla

Well, here's the good first: it's a great slice of Australiana and weaves Aussie slang with larrikinism quite beautifully. It's amusing, silly, irreverent poetry for a young and just-federated country naturally self conscious with its sense of national identity. A favourite poem - the one which brou

This is a collection of poems by C.J. Dennis dated around the 1910's. It can be difficult to read because it uses a lot of slang from that time period but overall it was an enjoyable collection. People interested in Australian History would enjoy it as it centres on an Australian way of life from ov

I've read 'Songs of the Sentimental Bloke' many a time now, and I love this wonderful work of Australian poetry because Dennis wrote in the Australian vernacular with such artfulness on a subject that is universal and democratic. The Bloke (the poem's persona) is a simple working-class man living in

"[Y]eh mauls King's English when yeh yaps, an 'angs flash frills on ev'rythink yeh say. I ain't no grammarist meself, per'aps, but langwidge is a 'elp, I owns," sez Unk, "when things is goin crook." An' 'ere 'e wunk.

This book is in the top three most obscenely Australian things I've ever read.

This v

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