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The Sleeping Beauty and Other Fairy Tales

Charles Perrault

Book Overview: 

What began as a translation project became a retelling of four classic fairy tales from the Cabinet des Fees, the French collection of over forty volumes. "Certainly the translations, when finished, did not satisfy me, and so I turned back to the beginning and have rewritten the stories in my own way, which (as you may say with the Irish butler) “may not be the best claret, but ’tis the best ye’ve got.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Uglyane, their spoil-joy, had already taken her departure; passing unharmed through the crowd of folk, every one of whom wished her ill, and riding away—it was generally agreed-upon a broomstick.

To satisfy the King's faithful subjects, however,—who were unaware of any misadventure—the palace fireworks were duly let off, with a grand set-piece wishing Long Life to the Princess Aurora! in all the colours of the rainbow. But His Majesty, after bowing from the balcony amid the banging of rockets and hissing of Catherine wheels, retired to a private room with his Chamberlain, and there, still amid the noise of explosions and cheering, drew up the first harsh proclamation of his reign. It forbade every one, on pain of death, to use a spindle in spinning or even to have a spindle in his house. Heralds took copies of this proclamation and marched through the land reading it, to the sound of trumpets, from every market-place: and it gravely [Pg 8]. . . Read More

Community Reviews

La historia que le cuentan a los niños a está versión hay una similitud, pero ya dandonse a conocer la trama, ya es distinta a la historia que conocemos, dado a que ya le dan como una segunda parte. Se puede dar semejanza en la realidad dado a que cuando el principe se lleva al palacio a Aurora, su

I liked this, in the sense that it was interesting, finding that an evil ogress, and mother of the prince is in fact the villain, and the old fairy (named Maleficent by Disney), is but a small nameless blip in the story. Otherwise, the story is not as well-written as I had hoped, and appears to be t

أيام الطفولة⁦♥️⁩

Edition with illustrations by Rackham. Wish there'd been colour illustrations, too, and not just silhouette and black & white drawings.

This book contains Charles Perrault's classic fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty. In this classic/original version, King Stefan and the Queen wish for a child. When at last they finally get their wish, they name their daughter, Aurora. When they have a feast to celebrate her birth, the three fairy godmot

Read it for Christmas times. Although, written much before Grimm bros version (who borrowed a lot from Perrault), they are much better written here. The only problem is morals - why, why would someone feed moral tales to children?

Una delle più conosciute tra le fiabe senza tempo, resa ancor più popolare grazie al film di animazione della Disney.
Edizione impreziosita da alcune belle illustrazioni dai particolari classicheggianti e dai colori vivaci, che richiamano però - come risultato finale - le vetrate in stile Art Noveau,

Another "Sleeping Beauty" retelling, and despite sharing some common events, I like this way better than Giambattista Basile's version "Sun, Moon, Talia."

This shows the basic story we know from Disney's movie (except there's no Maleficent, instead there's an evil mother-in-law), but the difference i

I have never loved that fairy tale, I couldn't find any morals, I mean, sleeping for 100 years, Ok, we can deal with that, but falling in love with the princess before even meeting her or seeing what she looks like? And a queen mother who's an ogress and who's planning to eat your family? Come on!

Me gustó, aunque es muy diferente a la historia que se nos cuenta de niños o a la que vemos en la película de Disney.

En estos días haré una entrada en mi blog sobre cuentos clásicos, donde incluiré una reseña más completa de este libro.

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