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The Seven Secrets

William Le Queux

Book Overview: 

A true “whodunit” with as many twists and turns as an English country road. Old man Courtenay is found murdered in his bed. Dr. Ralph Boyd is summoned to Courtenay Manor to examine the slain man and discovers a clue that might solve the case. But, he decides to keep the clue private for personal reasons. In the meantime, Scotland Yard has no clues as the culprits or the motive. Dr. Boyd, because of his new found clue, is sure he knows who is the murderer. Or, is it a murderess? His intimate acquaintance, Ambler Jevons, is also investigating the crime but Dr. Boyd does not share his discoveries with him. Sure of his findings, a bizarre midnight encounter turns all Boyd's judgments upside down and the case becomes more peculiar than when it started. What are the seven secrets needed to decode this murder, or is it a conspiracy?

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .is efforts were always apart, and generally marked by cunning ingenuity and swift logical reasoning that were alike remarkable and marvellous.

I gave him a brief terse outline of the tragedy, and then, unlocking the door of the room where the dead man still lay in the same position as when discovered, allowed him in.

[Pg 67]The place was in darkness, so I drew up the Venetian blinds, letting in the grey depressing light of the wintry morning.

He advanced to the bed, stood in the exact spot where I had stood, and where without doubt the murderer had stood, and folding his arms gazed straight and long upon the dead man’s features.

Then he gave vent to a kind of dissatisfied grunt, and turned down the coverlet in order to examine the wound, while I stood by his side in silence.

Suddenly he swung round on his heel, and measured the paces between the bed and the door. Then he went to the window and looked out; afterwards mak. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Doctor Ralph Boyd, an up and coming physician has one prominent patient, Mr. Henry Courtenay. Courtenay has married a much younger woman, who is often absent, preferring society and amusement to her husband's bedside. Courtenay has a more dedicated attendant in Ethelwynn Mivart, Mrs. Courtenay's s

A timeless whodunit of 1903. I love these! A twisty, clean read! No unnecessary cuss words! Thank you!
An amazing quick read! Marvelous page turner!
A well written, steady flow read revealing the Londen country side!
Wow! Pure pleasure! Nothing heavy! Light and enjoyable!
Fabulous! Suspenseful! Dramatic

Wonderful British mystery listening

Nice classic whodunnit.

Le Queux is NOT Conan Doyle

Bought this book as a "cheapie" from Early Birds. Didn't get my money's worth. Derivative, contrived, verbose, misogynistic and boring. Late Victorian detective fiction has _much_ more to offer.

Surprising twists, well developed characters, no profanity, liked the unusual plot. Classic. Well narrated by Tom Weiss.

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