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The Secret House

Edgar Wallace

Book Overview: 

A stranger and foreigner arrives at the offices of a small publication in London only to be faced by the “editor” whose face is completely swathed in a veil. Nothing is as it seems, and it quickly becomes evident that both are bent on more than lively gossip about the elite. Blackmail and opportunism is the order of the day. When two men are found shot to death outside the door of Mr. Farrington the millionaire who just happens to live a few doors from T. B. Smith, the head of the secret police, the connections to blackmail are not long in coming. Were these men shot by the blackmailer? Who is actually what he seems to be?

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Page_62" id="Page_62">[Pg 62] party at the Jollity," he said; "we can talk matters over. Incidentally, we may challenge Mr. Smith." He smiled, but grew grave again. "I have lost a good friend there"—he looked at the form on the bed; "there is no reason why you should not take his place. Is it true—what you said to-day—that you know something of applied mechanics?"

"I have a diploma issued by the College of Padua," said the other promptly.

[Pg 63]


At precisely ten o'clock, as the curtain came reefing slowly down upon the first act of The Strand Girl, Lady Dinsmore turned with outstretched hand to greet the first of the two men who had just entered the box.

"My dear Count," she exclaimed, "I am disappointed in you! Here I have been paying you really quite tremendous compliments to these young people. I presume you are on Gregory's 'business'?"

"I am desolated!"

Count Poltavo had . . . Read More

Community Reviews

Blackmail, burglary, murder, an attempted assassination and a supposed suicide - there is am awful lot going in the first half of 'The Secret House', and all this before we even get to see the Secret House of the title.

Inspector T.B. Smith of Scotland Yard has got a lot to sort out. Introduced as...more

I read this book in the original English. Not sure why Goodreads has only the German title... The English title is The Secret House. Classic Wallace. Not awfully shocking surprises.

Although this is pure Wallace and has a slam and bang finish, I never really got into it, at least not until the last few chapters.

Not quite as enticing as I had hoped, but a pleasant story nonetheless. The story feels quite rushed and none of the characters make a connection with the reader.

A murky, complex mystery with a relentless plot, suitably evil characters and creepy atmosphere. Being set in the late 1920s, it somewhat predates that uniquely American genre called "noir" but were it not so uncompromisingly English in its setting, I would have shelved it as noir. Very dated, it...more

Ο Ουώλλας ανήκει στους συγγραφείς αστυνομικής λογοτεχνίας που αποτυπώνουν στα βιβλία τους με εύστοχο τρόπο την ατμόσφαιρα και τα ήθη της εποχής τους, και αυτός είναι ένας από τους λόγους, ίσως, που θεωρείται ξεπερασμένος ή παρωχημένος. Μόνο που δεν ισχύει σε αυτή τη περίπτωση - το συγκεκριμένο μυ...more

An early book in Wallace’s caste output. Choppy seas.

Very good. Blackmailer hides in a mechanized house. Despicable assistant tries to double-cross him. Good abrupt ending.

Standard Edgar Wallace.

I couldn't put it down and finished it in one long day of reading.
The entire story was rather obvious, the names of the characters gave so much away, and... eh... it was just plain obvious. But somehow that didn't make it less enjoyable to read, I plunged on, curious for more.

All o...more

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