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The Sea-Hawk

Rafael Sabatini

Book Overview: 

The Sea Hawk is a novel by Rafael Sabatini. The story is set in the late 16th century, and concerns a Cornish sea-faring gentleman, Sir Oliver Tressilian, who is villainously betrayed by a jealous brother. After being forced to serve as a slave on a Spanish galley, Sir Oliver is liberated by Barbary pirates. He joins the pirates under the name “Sakr-el-Bahr”, the hawk of the sea, and swears vengeance against his brother. (Summary from Wikipedia)

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Book Excerpt: 
. . . trading with them, bartering human freights for spices and eastern carpets and the like."

Master Lionel breathed hard. "'Tis a horrible fate, is't not?"

The captain stroked his beard. "Yet 'tis the only really safe bestowal, and when all is said 'tis not so horrible as hanging, and certainly less dishonouring to a man's kin. Ye'ld be serving Sir Oliver and yourself."

"'Tis so, tis so," cried Master Lionel almost fiercely. "And the price?"

The seaman shifted on his short, sturdy legs, and his face grew pensive. "A hundred pound?" he suggested tentatively.

"Done with you for a hundred pounds," was the prompt answer—so prompt that Captain Leigh realized he had driven a fool's bargain which it was incumbent upon him to amend.

"That is, a hundred pound for myself," he corrected slowly. "Then there be the crew to reckon for—to keep their counsel and lend a hand; 'twill mean another hundred at the lea. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Rafael Sabatini! Oh, this generation doesn't even KNOW. This is a classic swashbuckling novel by the author of Captain Blood, and it is deliciously over the top. Handsome, powerful Oliver Tressilian, in love with the fair Rosamund, is working to overcome the opposition that Rosamund's sleazy brother

শ্রেষ্ঠ একটা থ্রিলার পড়ার মতো আনন্দ পেয়েছি। প্রতিটা পৃষ্ঠা তারিয়ে তারিয়ে উপভোগ করেছি; এজন্য অনুবাদকের কৃতিত্ব শতভাগ। নির্দিষ্ট জনরায় ফেলা যায় না, এমন ব‌ইগুলো পড়তে খুবই ভালো লাগে। ‘দ্য ব্রেদরেন’-এর কথা মনে পড়ে যায়– সেখানেও দুই ভাইয়ের এক নারীকে নিয়ে মনস্তাত্ত্বিক দ্বন্দ্ব ছিল। কাকতালীয়ভাবে

I first came to Rafael Sabatini through his excellent 1922 pirate novel Captain Blood, and then read his fine 1921 swashbuckling tale, Scaramouche. Continuing this journey through Sabatini's novels, I've just completed his 1915 pirate intrigue, The Sea-Hawk. The Sea-Hawk doesn't disappoint, living u

Като дете всичките ми любими романи бяха с герои мъже/момчета (изключвам Пипи). Дали стигаха звездите, попадаха на необитаем остров, обикаляха света и африканските пустини или си пробиваха пътя из мръсните викториански лондонски улици, все тая. Беше жестоко! Женските персонажи, доколкото присъстваха

I have a bit of a weakness for swashbuckling tales of adventure, and I think it’s fair to say that the greatest writer of such stories in the English language was Rafael Sabatini (1875-1950). And The Sea Hawk, originally published in 1915, is generally regarded as one of his finest works.

Sabatini wa

রাফায়েল সাবতিনি এর লেখা আগে পড়ি নি । যদিও অনুবাদ পড়েছি কিন্তু স্বীকার করতে বাধা নেই যে এমন রোমাঞ্চ উপন্যাস আগে কখনো পড়িনি । উপন্যাসটাই টুইস্টে ভরপুর। এক টানে পুরো ৪২৯ পাতা মন্ত্র মুগ্ধের মত পড়েছি । আর অনুবাদক ইসমাইল আরমান ও যথার্থ গুণের পরিচয় দিয়েছেন । এই বইটি রাফায়েল সাবতিনি এর সবচেয়ে বিখ্

Sometimes roots of all evil lies within mankind, equally as a species.

I won't say anything but that, because I try to respect both men and women equally, but ... Well, read the story and you shall understand what I mean.

The Sea-Hawk, indeed, was a epic saga. So much story within one book, so ma

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