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The Scottish Chiefs

Jane Porter

Book Overview: 

An adventure novel about William Wallace, one of the most popular books ever written by Jane Porter. The French version was even banned by Napoleon, and the book has remained very popular with Scottish children, but is equally enjoyable for adults.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .beneath their father's swords!'"

**It was a custom with Scottish chiefs when any feud existed between their families, to leave the right hand of their children untouched by the holy water in baptism, as a sign that no law, even of Heaven, should prevent them taking revenge.

"It is, indeed a deadly contest," rejoined Murray; "for evil has been the example of that foe. How many innocent bosoms have their steel pierced! How many helpless babes have their merciless hands dashed against the stones! Oh, ruthless war! even a soldier trembles to contemplate thy horrors."

"Only till he can avenge them!" cried a stern voice, entering the apartment. It was Kirkpatrick's, and he proceeded: "When vengeance is in our grasp, tell me, brave Murray, who will then tremble? Dost thou not feel retribution in thine own hands? Dost thou not see the tyrant's blood at thy feet?" As he spoke, he looked down, with a horrid ex. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I learned about The Scottish Chiefs from the same person from whom I learned about many old-fashioned books: Louisa May Alcott, in her book A Garland for Girls. One of the stories contained therein is called Pansies, and in it some teenaged girls and Mrs Warburton, the elderly lady of the house the

I liked this book. Which is one reason I was disappointed in Braveheart. The movie is a pale shadow of the story here. :)

In her introduction to her 1810 novel The Scottish Chiefs, Jane Porter reminisces about her own childhood on the Scottish Border. She emphasizes the widespread familiarity of the denizens with stories and songs about Wallace. This concurs with Walter Scott’s comment that the Scottish populace had re

Love this book about Sir William Wallace It has actually been a long time since I read it, but it's a family favorite. Growing up my dad would read to us at night- this was one our our favs. We also read Anne of Green Gables and A Mountain Europa, among others, but this was #1! SO much better than t

One of my favorite classics. My grandmother was a Wallace and descendant of the William Wallace's family although William had no descendants. This a romanticized version of the story of Wallace. It is a little hard to get into the language at first but you get used to it and it is a lovely book. It

One of my brother's favorite books - so I had to give it a try. Very interesting time in history. Porter's prose borders on purple throughout, but she gives Wallace the most rousing speeches ever - if that's the way he really talked, no wonder his men were so ready to follow him to the death. Porter

Great book about the real William Wallace. A man of faith, courage, purity and honor. He was a warrior for his kingdom and the kingdom of God. This book stirred something deep inside that calls me out of complacency into battle- against all odds, and to the death; for my King. That battle is for tho

I liked the book for its deeply Christian insights into the virtues of enduring love, loyalty, mercy, courage, honesty, and justice. As this story is generally about the Scottish-English wars of the 1200's, and particularly about William Wallace, these virtues are often illustrated in the context of

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