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Winston Churchill

Book Overview: 

Savrola: A Tale of the Revolution in Laurania is the only major fictional work of Sir Winston S. Churchill. The story describes events in the capital of Laurania, a fictional European state, as unrest against the dictatorial government of president Antonia Molara turns to violent revolution. - Summary by Wikipedia

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .The cooling process would continue; the perfect developement of life would end in death; the whole solar system, the whole universe itself, would one day be cold and lifeless as a burned-out firework.

It was a mournful conclusion. He locked up the observatory and descended the stairs, hoping that his dreams would contradict his thoughts.


It was the President's custom to rise early, but before doing so he invariably received the newspapers and read such remarks as dealt with the policy of the Government or criticised its actions. This morning his literature was exceptionally plentiful. All the papers had leading articles on the restriction of the franchise and the great riot which had followed its announcement. He first opened THE HOUR, the organ of orthodox mediocrity, which usually cautiously supported the Government in consideration of occasional pieces of . . . Read More

Community Reviews

Well, this was okay. Churchill isn't at his strongest when writing fiction, and there isn't anything particularly unique in this novel, but it was an easy read and an interesting view to his artistic side. However, if you want to read something from Churchill, I highly recommend his autobiographical

"My dear Winston: a lifetime of experiences has taught me that nothing ever happens". A friend, speaking to Winston Churchill

Believe it or not, there were two Winston Churchills writing novels at the start of the Twentieth century. The first Winston Churchill was a best-selling writer of adventure s

Savrola is a page-turner all right. One simply must find out what happens next and how this will all end so one is propelled to read on. Many - but not all - of the turns and twists are discernible from some distance yet one reads on.

Overall, however, I think there is no urgent and pressing need t

رواية نادرة للقائد العظيم ونستون تشرشل كتبها في العشرينات من عمره قبل ان يشتهر ويصبح زعيم بريطانيا والمنتصر في الحرب العالمية الثانية
في هذه الرواية يتبين فيها اطلاع كبير من المؤلف على طبيعة السياسين والاعيب السياسية رغم انه كتبها قبل خوضه غمارها كما ابدع الكاتب في وصف معارك المدن اثناء وصفه للثورة

Caesar conquered Gaul because it was the Roman thing to do. Benjamin Franklin played with lighting like a redneck because it's the American thing to do. Likewise ,the British penchant for novel-writing is probably what drove Churchill to write a political thriller.

Ol' Winston was at the very least a

A Promising Work by a Young Man

This classical romantic tale tells the story of a revolution against a despotism in a fictional Mediterranean country. The author’s youth shows in places as the primary character, the eponymous Savrola, conducts long conversations with his lady love. Still, it moves br

ENGLISH: A novel in the tradition of "The Prisoner of Zenda", taking place in an imaginary European country, where a revolution takes place against a tyrannic dictator. The characters are stock puppets, but the fight scenes are impressive. They reminded me of the barricade scenes in "Les Misérables"

Well, the nobelprize in literature, hardly because of his stilistic abilities.

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