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Ivan Turgenev

Book Overview: 

Rudin is the first and perhaps least known novel by Ivan Turgenev, a famous Russian writer best known for his short stories and the novel Fathers and Sons. The story focuses on a romantic involvement between Rudin and Natalya, a serious, intelligent young woman. The topic of the “superfluous man” and his inability to act, which was a major theme of Turgenev's literary work, is explored.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .How did you do that?'

Pigasov's eyes sparkled.

'I poked her in the side with an aspen stake, from behind. She did shriek, and I said to her, "Bravo, bravo! that's the voice of nature, that was a genuine shriek! Always do like that for the future!"'

Every one in the room laughed.

'What nonsense you talk, African Semenitch,' cried Darya Mihailovna. 'Am I to believe that you would poke a girl in the side with a stake!'

'Yes, indeed, with a stake, a very big stake, like those that are used in the defence of a fort.'

'Mais c'est un horreur ce que vous dites la, Monsieur,' cried Mlle. Boncourt, looking angrily at the boys, who were in fits of laughter.

'Oh, you mustn't believe him,' said Darya Mihailovna. 'Don't you know him?'

But the offended French lady could not be pacified for a long while, and kept muttering something to herself.

'You need not believe me,' continued Pigasov. . . Read More

Community Reviews

رودین کتابی ایست خسته کننده و ملال آور از نویسنده نامدار روس ، ایوان تورگنیف . رودین که اولین کتاب اوست را شاید بتوان به عنوان اثری ناقص و ضد و نقیض دید ، کتاب را نه می توان در نکوهش و نه در ستایش شخصیت رودین دانست ، رودین که نماینده مردمانی ایست که تنها حرف می زنند و اهل عمل نیستند .
قهرمان کتاب تور

The luring music of eloquence

A fragrant mist lay like a soft shroud over the garden; a drowsy scent breathed from the trees near. The stars shed a mild radiance. The summer night was soft – and softened all.

Nabokov, with his usual sharpness, said about Turgenev that his storytelling was lame and tha

مدت زمانی بود که در تصوراتم به این کتاب به چشم یک بچه‌ی زشت و عقب‌افتاده و حوصله سر بر نگاه می‌کردم و نخوانده درباره‌ی آن قضاوت می‌نمودم. تا اینکه پس از مصاحبت با آن دیدم که اصلاً این طور نیست. یک کلاسیک قشنگ و خوب روسی، اگرچه خیلی عالی و شاخص نیست. خواندن رمان‌های کلاسیک (خصوصاً روسی) برای من تداعی

یک. پیروان مکتب پچورین می‌گویند که ما همیشه کسانی را دوست می‌داریم که خودشان کم‌تر استعداد دوست داشتن دارند.
دو. بله، طبیعت بسیاری از چیزها را در وجود من به ودیعه گذارده است. ولی من خواهم مرد بدون این‌که کار شایسته‌ای کرده باشم، بدون این‌که اثر نیکی از خود به جا گذارده باشم. تمام ثروت معنوی من بیهوده

کسی که با احساسش زیسته است
از شبح روزهایی که باز نمی گردند به اضطراب می افتد
و دیگر هیچ چیز شیفته اش نمی کند
بار خاطرات
و پشیمانی می آزاردش.

رودین اولین رمان تورگنیف است که در سال 1855 نوشته شده است....شخصیت رودین که محور اصلی داستان اوست یکی از طبقه بندیهای قهرمانان ادبیات کلاسیک روسیه است به نام

Rudin is a highly educated, well-brought up man in his 30s living in Russia. He embodies the Superfluous Man popular in Russian literature: a man of high intelligence and ideals with no action. He is, essentially, all talk and incapable of following through with his thoughts and desires. He is a moo

[maggio 2018]
Sto leggendo le Memorie di un cacciatore, evento letterario russo del 1852, perché un giorno, casualmente, mi ero letto il primo romanzo di Turgenev, questo Rudin, pubblicato quattro anni dopo le Memorie, che mi era piaciuto molto e mi aveva fatto venir voglia di conoscere di più l'auto

I was and remain in love with Turgenev’s short novels of – not ideas, exactly; not morality plays, as I used to try to describe them; at any rate, short novels that hinge on a commitment, a choice, and that emplot the questions of Turgenev’s day, or is it the question? Whether to act. How to act, gi

Рудин = Rudin, Ivan Turgenev

Rudin is the first novel by Ivan Turgenev, a famous Russian writer best known for his short stories and the novel Fathers and Sons.

The main protagonist of the novel. Rudin is a well-educated, intellectual and extremely eloquent nobleman.

His finances are in a poor state

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