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Romans - Volume 3: Micromegas


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Book Excerpt: 
. . .hat the sphere that produced him was 21,600,000 times greater in circumference than our little Earth. Nothing in nature is simpler or more orderly. The sovereign states of Germany or Italy, which one can traverse in a half hour, compared to the empires of Turkey, Moscow, or China, are only feeble reflections of the prodigious differences that nature has placed in all beings.

[2] This is how the text reads in the first editions. Others, in place of "geometers," put "algebraists." B.

His excellency's size being as great as I have said, all our sculptors and all our painters will agree without protest that his belt would have been 50,000 feet around, which gives him very good proportions.[3] His nose taking up one third of his attractive face, and his attractive face taking up one seventh of his attractive body, it must be admitted that the nose of the Sirian is 6,333 feet plus a fraction; which is manifest.

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Community Reviews

Algo de surrealismo, viajes planetarios, gigantes, conversaciones y mucha filosofía.

قصص بسيطة تدور حول الحكمة التي ينشدها كل الناس و منظومة القيم التي تحكم البشر و نظرة كل منا لنفسه و غيره. كالعادة فولتير يحاكي قصص ألف ليلة و ليلة عذوبة و بساطة و متعة
القصة الأولى عن مسافر عبر الفضاء من كوكب ضخم يزور مجموعتنا الشمسية و يبدو عملاقا حتى مقارنة بسكان المشتري
أما الثانية فعن الروح و الجس

This, for me, is a perfect little book—part science-fiction, part philosophy, and all wit.

I confess that I have always been somewhat lukewarm towards the more famous Candide, perhaps because that book pokes fun at an idea that I have never believed nor even taken seriously—namely, that we live in t

- اربع قصص قصيرة من منظور فلسفي مبسّط.

- الترجمة رائعة، واللغة راقية جداً.

- القصة الأولى ذات معانٍ كثيرة، وتستعرض العديد من النظريات الفلسفية من زرادشت الى ارسطو الى ديكارت... ونهايتها كانت ممتازة بالكتاب الأبيض، والإسقاطات الوضعية اتت مميزة خصوصاً عند استعراض الأعمار للعمالقة ونسبة معرفتهم النسبية ل

18th century SF. :) Gotta love it just for that.

Otherwise, my estimation of Voltaire continues to rise! I always loved his stuff before and while this doesn't have quite the social impact that something like Candide had, it certainly puts the rod to the church with its "blow your mind" idea of turni

"وقد ساءه في أعماق نفسه أن يرى في المتناهين في الصغر عجرفة متناهية في الكبر."

على الرغم من دراستي لأدب فولتير في الجامعة، إلّا أن هذا هو لقائي الأول برائد عصر التنوير الفرنسي، صاحب الأسلوب الساخر..

في هذه المجموعة القصصية الصغيرة الخفيفة، يناقش فولتير في القصة الأولى (ميكروميغاس) التّكبر والاستعلاء عن

LETTER to my favorite TEACHER

Dear Mrs. Flick:

I love reading long long books. This one is Gera's favorite and his worldview stems from it: a very short but meaty metaphysical poem. Well, it reads like a poem (since I think short stories are more related to them than to actual novels). Without a doubt

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