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A Romance of Two Worlds

Marie Corelli

Book Overview: 

The book starts with a young heroine telling her story of coping with a debilitating illness that includes depression and thoughts of suicide. Her doctor is unable to help her and sends her off on a holiday where she meets a mystical character by the name of Raffaello Cellini, an Italian artist. Cellini offers her a strange potion which immediately puts her into a tranquil slumber, in which she experiences divine visions. This is the beginning of her journey to health, both spiritual and physical.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .coming madness that had driven me to attempt my own life. He listened patiently and with unbroken attention. When I had finished, he laid one hand on my shoulder, and said gently:

"'Young man, pardon me if I say that up to the present your career has been an inactive, useless, selfish "kicking against the pricks," as St. Paul says. You set before yourself a task of noble effort, namely, to discover the secret of colouring as known to the old masters; and because you meet with the petty difficulty of modern trade adulteration in your materials, you think that there is no chance—that all is lost. Fie! Do you think Nature is overcome by a few dishonest traders? She can still give you in abundance the unspoilt colours she gave to Raphael and Titian; but not in haste—not if you vulgarly scramble for her gifts in a mood that is impatient of obstacle and delay. "Ohne hast, ohne rast," is the motto of the stars. Learn it well. You have injured your bodil. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I almost stopped reading this book when I found it to be so weird, but that is what made it so wonderful. I would never had thought I would have liked a book like this but I did..

Cada cosa que ocurre a cada uno de nosotros, trae con ella una lección y un significado, forma un eslabón en la cadena de nuestra existencia. Os parecerá cosa sin importancia, pasar por una determinada calle a una hora también determinada y sin embargo este acto sencillo puede llevaros a un resul

Lucid and languorous, this book will instill faith in the faithless, and fortify already enhanced souls...It's not one to miss for followers of the Cult and Esoteric teachings.

An interesting enough story, some unique ideas, but a strong, singularly Christian viewpoint that hinders some of the universal spiritual appeal of the story.

This book provides you with so much to think about, your mind will be racing for the duration of each chapter.

The obvious thing you'll be thinking about is the story as presented: a musician goes abroad in an attempt to rest and recover from depression and illness. There, she meets a mystical docto

Marie Corelli is one of the most undervalued Victorian authors, yet she was as prolific -- and as popular -- as Dickens in her own time.

Her novels drip with supernaturalism, mesmerism, and science fiction: they're exciting and bizarre. Novels such as Ardath: A Story of a Dead Self, The Sorrows of Sa

I had not heard of Marie Corelli until reading Betty Smith's A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, where Francie is looking forward to reading Corelli but has not yet read to the "C" of the library books. So I decided on Marie Corelli's first book to start, "A Romance of Two Worlds" since I been reading first b

Er... no idea what that was in aid of. Did they have crack-cocaine in 1886? Writing half-decent and some unusual (to say the least) ideas, so 2.5 stars, but gotta round down cos just so pointless.

I read this because I wanted to see what sort of author could outsell Conan Doyle, Wells and Kipling. This was the popular fiction of its time. It was sort of compulsive, and repulsive at the same time. The writing style is appalling - they don't drink, they quaff, they eat viands, not food - the ch

What a spiritual journey! I loved it ,the musician who aspires to reach the highest of spirituality ,her journey of discovering the truth is inspiring and transforming
It's truly a romance of two worlds ,the materialistic world and the spiritual one
This novel is too long yet enjoyable and would app

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