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Ride Proud, Rebel!

Andre Norton

Book Overview: 

Drew Rennie, served as a cavalry scout in Confederate general John Hunt Morgan's command. He had left home in 1862 after a final break with his harsh grandfather, who despised him since his birth because of his mother's runaway marriage to a Texan. During the final year of conflict Drew has the additional responsibility of looking out for his headstrong fifteen-year-old cousin Boyd, who has run away from home to join Morgan's command and has a lot to learn in the school of hard knocks the army provides. The story follows the two of them and a new friend, Anson Kirby, through campaigns in Kentucky, Tennessee and later on deeper into the South, first with Morgan and later under Forrest.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Aunt Marianna on the Lexington road—"all saber wavin' and chargin' the enemy and playin' hero to the home folks; this is sweatin' and dirt on you and your clothes, goin' mighty hungry, and cold and wet—when it's the season for goin' cold and wet. It's takin' a lot of the bad, with not much good. And if you don't cut off home now, you'll ride our way, keepin' your mouth shut and doin' as you're told!"

Boyd swallowed visibly. "All right." But there was a firmness in that short answer which surprised Drew. The other sounded as if he meant it, as if he were swearing the oath of allegiance to the regiment. But could he take it? A few days on the run, and Boyd would probably quit. Maybe if they got into some town and the Yankees didn't smoke them out right away, Drew could send a telegram and Boyd would be collected. Drew tried to console himself with that thought all the time another part of him was certain that Boyd intended to prove he could stick throug. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Excellent history

Norton obviously did a lot of research for this book. It is the story of a boy who joined the Confederates and became a man through the years of war. Definitely gives a feel for what the men faced during those terrible years, and the comradship among the soldiers. Definitely recomme

This is a novel about a young man, Drew Rennie, in Kentucky who in 1862 at the age of 16 runs off to join the Confederate Cavalry. As a young man seeking adventure, he joins in with General John Hunt Morgan’s cavalry. The story really starts during the Spring of 1864, the above background informatio

I got this as part of an Andre Norton omnibus book. I didn't know she wrote non-SF books.

It was published in 1961, so I had already read books of hers, but wouldn't have been stored in the same part of my school libraries.

The protagonist is a Confederate soldier during the end of the civil war, and

As an Andre Norton fan and collector, I purchased this book years ago and then never read it. It is a historical novel, not fantasy or science fiction, and I wasn't that interested in the Civil War era. However, I pulled it out this spring when cleaning out our book collection and tackled it.

I won't

This is not my usual genre, being female and into flowers, fairies, and afternoon teas, but this kept my interest through the tough adventures of a soldier. I have even begun the next story in the series. Great characters and writing style.

Ride Proud, Rebel! is a Civil War novel set in the western theater during the final days of the war. As the story opens, the protagonist, Drew Rennie, has been serving as a cavalry scout in Confederate general John Hunt Morgan's command for two years, having left home in 1862 after a final break wit

Young Drew Rennie's adventures during the Civil War.
This book is told in an unromantic, realistic way that brings the time to painful life. Drew rides under General Forrest, which is interesting. Most people avoid Forrest for his involvement in either Fort Pillow, or his post war activities. Howeve

Well written and well researched historical fiction. Very straight forward. The story centers on a teenager serving under Bedford Forrest in the last days of the war. Norton has an excellent ear for dialects and uses it to great advantage here. Andre Norton is a bit of a magician as a writer. She si

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