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Rhymes of a Rolling Stone

Robert W. Service

Book Overview: 

Collection of Poems

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Muskrat Land. IV And so we dreamed and drifted, she and I; And how she loved that free, unfathomed life! There in the peach-bloom of the midnight sky, The silence welded us, true man and wife. Then North and North invincibly we pressed Beyond the Circle, to the world's white crest. And on the wind-flailed Arctic waste we stayed, Dwelt with the Huskies by the Polar sea. Fur had they, white fox, marten, mink to trade, And we had food-stuff, bacon, flour and tea. So we made snug, chummed up with all the band: Sudden the Winter swooped on Husky Land. V What was that ill so sinister and dread, Smiting the tribe with sickness to the bone? So that we waked one morn to find them fled; So that we stood and stared, alone, alone. Bravely she smiled and looked into my eyes; Laughed at their troubled, stern, foreboding pain; Gaily she mocked the menace of t. . . Read More

Community Reviews

These are just fascinating poems about frontier life and about being a lonely man. Can be read over and over.

Another decent collection of poetry by Service. He may not be seen in literary circles as a fine poet, but these homes are definitely aimed towards the popular reader, which Service refers to in his poems.
I like the following poems:
A rolling Stone
The land of beyond
Just think!

I listened to the audiobook. Love it.
Never been one for poetry but I love the work of Robert Service.
I think my favourite poem of the collection is The Quitter as it’s just great advice

I own the 1915 first print edition.

Rollicking, sentimental poems which sometimes succeed in forging a kind of demotic sensibility of the frontier. Clear echoes of Kipling and Wordsworth abound. Only a few of the poems are unreadably awful, and even they are written with very competent scansion and rhyme.

There are maybe 8 or 9 poems in this that I adore. Robert Service at his best beautifully captures the joy of being in the wilderness and the vast untamable majesty of the world, all with perfect internal rhyme, alliteration, and pacing that make them a joy to read. Robert Service at his worst is gi

Robert W. Service's 1912 collection of poems is thoughtful and insightful. A nomadic man, Service spent many years living and interacting with Canada's natural and breathtaking landscapes. Service's poetry touches on many subjects including: what it means to be a nomadic; the importance of religion

I read the 1912 edition. It's Robert Service, a poet whose work I enjoy immensely. Robert Service has a way of capturing people and telling their story with compassion and honesty. There are several poems in this volume, real gems, that I particularly liked and would like to learn. Among those and f

Ah, poetry? Doggerel? Who cares; I love them - uplifting, sentimental, life affirming, exuberant. Always loved him, captures the voice and cadences of the far North. Brilliant.

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