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The Red Fairy Book

Andrew Lang

Book Overview: 

The Red Fairy Book is the second in a series of twelve books known as Andrew Lang’s Fairy Books or Andrew Lang’s “Coloured” Books. The series was immensely popular and proved of great influence in children’s literature, increasing the popularity of fairy tales over tales of real life.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .ep and wail, for he was afraid that when his old woman got to know she would be the death of him. But all at once it came into his head to go home and get the other ox, and drive it to the town, and take good care that his old wife knew nothing about it. So he did this; he went home and took the ox without his wife's knowing about it, and went on his way to the town with it. But the robbers they knew it well, because they got out their magic. So they told the youth that if he could take this ox also without the man knowing anything about it, and without doing him any hurt, he should then be on an equality with them.

'Well, that will not be a very hard thing to do,' thought the youth.

This time he took with him a rope and put it under his arms and tied himself up to a tree, which hung over the road that the man would have to take. So the man came with his ox, and when he saw the body hanging there he felt a little queer.

'What a hard lot y. . . Read More

Community Reviews

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The Enchanted Pig
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Graciosa and Percinet (this one especially! So magical)
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I read several of Lang's Fairy Books when I was little, and I can remember seeing a whole set of the various colored books on a bookstore shelf, and wishing that I could have them all. Buying them all was expensive, and I never remembered to try the library and look them up. However now all of them

It almost goes without saying that The Red Fairy Book is another enchanting installment of Andrew Lang's Fairy Book collection. Being one of the earlier books, it features illustrations not only of the excellent H.J. Ford, but of another artist named Lancelot Speed. I enjoyed Speed's drawings; they


Again no surprise here, exactly what to expect. I liked to see some of the older version of my favorite fairy tales! Some are boring and most are repetitive.

Another one from the colored fairy books gone, ten left.
The stories are so enjoyable, especially as an audiobook.

There's no telling what you'll read in these very imaginative and quite violent tales; pig-men, polygamy, fratricide, and racism are woven throughout with no action, response, or plot point too ridiculous or extreme. The moral of these stories are that all stepmothers are evil, dark or ugly is bad,

Red Fairy Book Mixtape:

1. Summer Nights - Marianne Faithful
2. The Trouble I've Been Looking For - Magnetic Fields
3. Satin in a Coffin - Modest Mouse
4. Swinging London - Magnetic Fields
5. Don't Deconstruct - Rilo Kiley
6. Piano Fire - Sparklehorse
7. The Sun Goes Down and the World Goes Dancing - Magne

This book was pretty good. I admit, I didn't like it as much as The Blue Fairy Book, but it was okay. I like how this is the first book where Andrew Lang really starts to branch out with translations of other authors (such as the inclusion of Romanian stories and tales by Charles Deulin) instead of

I think I like my fairy tales in smaller doses - this book felt MUCH longer to me than the page numbers would indicate. Part of it was that lots were so similar - there were so many stories with a beautiful kind sister and an ugly mean sister. Or with handsome mean brothers and a plain kind brother

I actually liked this a little bit better than the first one.

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