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The Red and the Black


Book Overview: 

Stendhal - a German pen-name for a French writer who hated the English. Contemporary to some of the great names of French literature like Balzac and Flaubert, Stendhal is quite often considered a writer that doesn't seem to fit a defined genre. Some say he's a Romantic, others that he's a Modernist and that Le Rouge et Le Noir is the first modern novel. On one point they are all agreed: the novel is a masterpiece that shows a young theology student - Julien Sorel - intelligent, handsome and who is determined to rise above his humble peasant origins. Stendhal presents the reader with a satirical plot that will involve you in passions, intrigues, last-minute reversals and, mostly, the hypocrisy by which society operates.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .uish reached the maximum of unhappiness which the human soul is capable of enduring. Unconsciously, Madame de Rênal uttered cries which woke up her maid. Suddenly she saw the brightness of a light appear near her bed, and recognized Elisa. "Is it you he loves?" she exclaimed in her delirium.

Fortunately, the maid was so astonished by the terrible trouble in which she found her mistress that she paid no attention to this singular expression. Madame de Rênal appreciated her imprudence. "I have the fever," she said to her, "and I think I am a little delirious." Completely woken up by the necessity of controlling herself, she became less unhappy. Reason regained that supreme control which the semi-somnolent state had taken away. To free herself from her maid's continual stare, she ordered her maid to read the paper, and it was as she listened to the monotonous voice of this girl, reading a long article from the Quotidienne that Madame de Rênal made . . . Read More

Community Reviews

معمولاً وقتی اسم رمان های کلاسیک میاد، آدم احساس میکنه باید منتظر یه اثر دراز و خسته کننده باشه، پر از آدمایی که عصا قورت دادن و راجع به اخلاقیات و قضایای کلی حکم صادر میکنن. شرمنده، این رمان هم همین طوریه!
ولی خب، از حق نگذریم، همین مسائل رو، کمابیش ضمن داستان خوبی مطرح کرده. هر چند یه مقداری میشد پ

Most people have heard of it and a lot probably have it on the shelves as part of the classics collection. Waste time no more! This is one of the rare books where the genius of the writer is tangible. It is not only exceptionally accurate and well-observed in psychological element, but an invaluable

Una satira impietosa della società francese divisa tra invidie e rivalità di status (aristocratici, parvenu, figli di carpentieri), provenienza (provinciali e parigini), professione e ideologie. Insomma i rossi e i neri, i militari e i chierici, i restauratori e i napoleonici, i calcolatori e i pass

The Red and the Black draws a colorful mosaic about the required hypocrisy to climb the ladder of social status in the France of the July Revolution.
Chronicled by an omniscient narrator, who meets every requisite to be Stendhal himself, the reader follows the story of Julien Sorel, a young man of h

”Nothing can distinguish a man as a death sentence,” thought Mathilde. “It’s the only thing one can’t buy.”

Julien Sorel was a young man with an audacious intellect. Such a gift can be a great resource that can be exploited for financial gain or it can be a burden that keeps a person in perpetual

I was taking the train from Geneva to Grenoble, one of the most beautiful routes in the world, and I was reading Le Rouge et le Noir for the second time. I hadn't picked the book because I was visiting Grenoble, it just worked out that way. I was alone in the compartment; it was one of those old-fas

سرخ و سیاه غیرکلاسیک ترین رمان کلاسیکی بود که باهاش مواجه شدم. داستان، سرگذشت جوان روستایی‌ای که از عمق تاریخ فرانسه در دوره‌ی بعد از عزل ناپلئون (رستوراسیون) بیرون اومده.
نویسنده خط اصلی داستان رو از یکی مطالب نشریه‌‌ای گرفته که اون زمان جزئیات محاکمه‌های جنایی رو گزارش می‌کرده.
استاندال به حدی دقیق

¡Qué grande era mi presunción cuando estaba en Verrières! –se decía Julien-. Creía vivir y en realidad no hacía más que prepararme para la vida. Heme aquí por fin en el mundo, tal como lo encontraré hasta que acabe de representar mi papel, rodeado de verdaderos enemigos.
En el interior de aquel perso

923. Le Rouge et le Noir = The Red and The Black, Stendhal
The Red and the Black is a historical psychological novel in two volumes by Stendhal, published in 1830. It chronicles the attempts of a provincial young man to rise socially beyond his modest upbringing through a combination of talent, hard

Το κόκκινο και το μαύρο δημιουργήθηκε για να εκφράσει πολύχρωμες, συμβολικές και διαχρονικά ανθρώπινες επιθυμίες. Ανάγκες, σχετικά με τα μυστήρια που υπάρχουν στην ανθρώπινη φύση, καθώς και μία συνεχή ψυχολογική αναζήτηση για κίνητρα επιλογών που θα φιλοδοξούν πάντα να παρασύρονται με ρομαντική φαντ

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