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Rebel Spurs

Andre Norton

Book Overview: 

In 1866, only men uprooted by war had reason to ride into Tubacca, Arizona, a nondescript town as shattered and anonymous as the veterans drifting through it. So when Drew Rennie, newly discharged from Forrest’s Confederate scouts, arrived leading everything he owned behind him—his thoroughbred stud Shiloh, a mare about to foal, and a mule—he knew his business would not be questioned. To anyone in Tubacca there could be only one extraordinary thing about Drew, and that he could not reveal: his name, Rennie. Drew had come west from Kentucky to find a father he had thought dead until the year before. Kinship with a man like Hunt Rennie, however—the legendary Don Cazar, owner of a matchless range and prize stallions—was not a claim to be made quickly or lightly. Posing as Drew Kirby the young veteran contrived to get himself and his friend Anse hired as corral hands at Rennie’s Range, but he was hardly prepared for the suspicion and danger which stood between him and his father. As hotheaded as his father, Drew was ready to move on to California—until the day all proof of his Rennie name was stolen from him, and his unwarranted arrest for horse-thieving brought on the accusations of the one man whose trust he needed. Andre Norton’s _Ride Proud, Rebel!_ dramatically portrayed the last year of the Confederacy, when brave men like Drew Rennie met defeat with honor. In this sequel, Drew’s struggle to establish his identity and begin life anew in a raw, unsettled land reflects the courage of thousands of rootless men set adrift by the Civil War.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .w did not know what he had expected of their first meeting. Now he could not understand why he felt so chilled and lost. He had planned it this way—no demands, no claims on a stranger, freedom to make the decision of when or how he would see his father; that was the only path he could take. But now he turned slowly away from that open door, the[pg 035] light, the laughter and singing, and walked back toward the stable, loneliness cutting into him.

Tubacca had slumbered apathetically before; now the town was wide awake. In a couple of days the wagon train would head on north to Tucson, but now the activity in the plaza was a mixture of market day and fiesta. Small traders from Sonora took advantage of the protection afforded by Don Cazar's outriders and had trailed along with their own products, now being spread out and hawked.

Parrots shrieked from homemade cages; brightly woven fabrics were draped to catch the. . . Read More

Community Reviews

A great sequel to Ride Proud, Rebel! After the war, Drew heads south and finds himself in Arizona looking for the father he thought was dead. Pretending to be someone else, Drew joins the Don's ranch, and begins to doubt whether or not he should even reveal his identity to the man who doesn't even

When things look bleak....true friends and family can make all the difference ...a story of re-discovery and redemption and it's opposites. .isolation and ignorance.listened to this on the trail and kept my eyes peeled.

Well written

Very interesting story. Good parts, ok parts, great parts. Certainty worth your time. A little different end than I imagined. Hope you enjoy it as I have.

I've always been a fan of Andre Norton. I usually read her science fiction and fantasy. Of her westerns, I've read Stand To Horse a long time ago. This is the second book in her Rebel series. I have not yet read the first.

Drew Rennie is a Civil War veteran. He served under Nathan Bedford Forest. Dre

Not as good as Ride, Rebel, Ride by a long shot. The book doesn’t really stand on it’s on. It’s really a 2.5 but the ending was so abrupt and disappointing.


After the Civil War, a man searches for his father but is worried that his father won't believe he is really his son. The story moves rather slowly but was still a good read.

This is the sequel to Ride Proud, Rebel. Drew Rennie has taken his young stud, a mare in foal, and an Army mule and set out West in search of his father, Hunt Rennie. But when Drew finds Hunt, he realizes that his father is very wealthy and has adopted a boy about Drew's own age. Drew has no interes

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