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The Real Mother Goose

Book Overview: 

A heartwarming collection of nursery rhymes that will take you back to your childhood!

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .There was an old woman of Harrow,
There was an old woman of Leeds,
There was an old woman sat spinning,
There was an old woman tossed in a basket,
There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.
There was an old woman, and what do you think?
There was an old woman, as I've heard tell,
There was an old woman
There were once two cats of Kilkenny.
There were two birds sat on a stone,
There's a neat little clock,--
Thirty days hath September,
Thirty white horses upon a red hill,
This is the house that Jack built.
This is the way the ladies ride,
This little pig went to market;
Three blind mice! See how they run!
Three children sliding on the ice
Three straws on a staff
Three wise men of Gotham
To bed! To bed!
To make your candles last for aye,
To market, to market, to buy a fat pig.
Tom, Tom, the piper's son,
Tommy's tears and Mary's fears
Trip upon trenchers,
'Twas once upon a time, when Je. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I grew up with this book, and it has a beautiful nostalgia for me. I remember sitting and looking at the pictures before I could really read, and learning to love fairy tales and nursery rhymes from it. Definitely a personal favorite.

Some of the first rhymes and songs a child hears are Mother Goose. We say them, we sing them to infants
and children, we play "Patty Cake.' Most children I have known know at least one Mother Goose story usually many. The pictures are lovely and small children often just sit and look at the pages. Mo

My sister was given this book when we were little. I’m pretty sure it’s at the house still. Or maybe she took it for my niece. Either way, you can bet I read it a lot too. I was the bookish one. Just because it wasn’t mine didn’t mean I wasn’t gonna read it !! Haha. Right you guys ?!

All of the wonderful stories we've heard growing up with such charming, old-fashioned pictures!

Ages: 4 - 9

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This was another book that was in my childhood and I can remember it so clearly both since of the checkered cover as well as since it was such a big book. The size hasn't changed but the amount of pages doesn't seem so daunting upon looking back at it.

This is one of those books that is a nice litt

The Real Mother Goose may not include my favorite kids’ rhyme to teach college freshmen. Many memorize it at first hearing:
“Little Robin Redbreast
Sitting on a pole—
Niddle noddle went his head
And poop went his hole.”
That was printed in early Mother Goose books in England, but maybe suppressed (l

I get such a nostalgic feeling when I think of this book. I can remember my parents reading from it when I was a child. It was one of my favorites that I would look at often my Mom used to say. I had to get it for my children and they too loved it, both for the pictures and the rhymes. Now my grandc

This was a book that was in my family's home from the older Sibs and and Because I could read I was Reading to Baby Tony EVERY CHANCE I GOT!!!! He simply loved these, Harry Houdini, Grimm's Fairy Tales, Ronald Dahl, Hans Christian Anderson, Charlies Dickens (David Copperfield, Oliver Twist, A Chri

I have such heart felt memories of reading these poems to my boys. I'm giving it 5 stars for nostalga's sake.

I have a very old copy of this book, given to me by my grandmother when I was 4 years old. I remember reading it.

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