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The Queen's Necklace

Alexandre Dumas

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .have his number, and if he does not behave well, apply to me."

"To you, sir?" said Andrée in French, forgetting herself; "we do not even know your name."

"You speak French," exclaimed the young man, "and you have been condemning me all this time to blunder on in German!"

"Excuse us, sir," said the elder lady, coming to Andrée's rescue, "but you must see, that though not perhaps foreigners, we are strangers in Paris, and above all, out of our places in a hackney coach. You are sufficiently a man of the world to see that we are placed in an awkward position. I feel assured you are generous enough to believe the best of us, and to complete the service you have rendered, and above all, to ask us no questions."

"Madame," replied the officer, charmed with her noble, yet pleasing manner, "dispose of me as you will."

"Then, sir, have the kindness to get in, and accompany us to Versailles."

The officer instantly placed h. . . Read More

Community Reviews

يبقى لأغلب الكلاسيكيات سحر خاص يصعب تفسيره فتبقى صامدة عبر التاريخ لا تبارح قائمة الروائع؛ فبقدر كرهي لجميع شخوص هذه الرواية، أحببت الرواية

جميل هو ذلك الشعور الذي تمنحه لنا القراءة بكوننا نقترب لنشاهد جنون ومجون ومعاناة وتهريج و.. و..إلخ مجموعة من البشر دون أن يصيبنا شيء من ذلك سوى المتعة الخالصة


أن لا تشعر بالملل خلال مايزيد عن الألف صفحة ، لا شك أن هذا العمل عظيم.
لا شك أيضاً أنه على شيء من المتعة و التشويق فلم أشأ أن أغامر في قراءة عمل ملحمي و ضخم قبل أن أكون في تمام جاهزيتي . قراءة الأعمال الكبيرة تحتاج إلى عزم و جدية و لهذا تناولته لمجرد قراءة المقدمة فإذا بي أصل للصفحة 100 دون أن أشعر.

A mediocre translation or was Dumas having a bad-book day? Inquiring minds want to know, although I'm going to lean towards the former. The Queen's Necklace begins ten years after the close of Memoirs of a Physician, as France recovers from the grips of a deadly winter and Marie Antoinette takes pit

3.5 - 4 stars

Balsamo is back and, after a hiatus of 10 years and the adoption of a new identity (le Comte de Cagliostro), he is ready to begin anew his efforts at bringing down the throne of France. The action centres around Marie Antoinette (painted quite positively by Dumas) and the infamous affai

EL COLLAR DE LA REINA de Alejandro Dumas

"Así nacen a veces, viven y mueren, en el espacio de unos momentos, las más suaves, las más reales, las más ardientes pasiones. Tienen encanto porque son efímeras; tienen fuerza porque son reprimidas."

Bueno, me gustó más esta segunda parte de la Serie sobre la

There are two somewhat intertwining plot lines in this. There is the story of the necklace, of course, but there is also a story of the mistaken identity of Marie Antoinette. The look alike had a small part to play in the earlier installment of the series, Joseph Balsamo. In fact, many of the charac

Romanesque épisode du règne de Marie-Antoinette (l'intrigue se base sur des faits réels), dont la tragique fin plane tout au long du récit, Le Collier de la Reine est un roman dense, parfois trop, mais toujours riche en rebondissements et aventures.

Il fait partie d'une série de livres où Joseph Bals

Poor Marie-Antoinette could never get catch a break. All she wanted was to be the people's queen (like pour old Princess Diana) and she gets rolled in the flour as we say in French. Dumas does a great job in building the suspense (even if it was probably primarily written by ghost writers) and it is

The Queen's Necklace (The Marie Antoinette Romances #2), Alexandre Dumas

The story takes place between 1784 and 1785. It is the second in a series of four novels focused on the character of Cagliostro, presented by Dumas as the man pulling all the strings of the affair.

The Queen's Necklace dramatizes

First it should be noted that this is the second book in a series (Memoirs of a Physician/The Marie Antoinette Romances) and it's certainly a good idea to read them in order. You don't have to as each contains a separate story but there is the occasional allusion to events from the past book that ca

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