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Pollyanna Grows Up

Eleanor H. Porter

Book Overview: 

Pollyanna, now cured of her crippling spinal injury, and able to walk again, goes to live in Boston with Mrs. Carew, a heart-broken woman searching for her lost nephew. Aunt Polly goes abroad with Pollyanna’s new Uncle, Dr. Chilton. While in Boston, Pollyanna meets new friends and has several interesting adventures…

A startling change in Aunt Polly’s and Pollyanna’s circumstances require Pollyanna to come up with a workable solution. Pollyanna’s solution brings all her new friends from Boston and her old friends in Beldingsville together. Pollyanna also discovers she has to make a choice. Who will win her heart?

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Had not the man said that this was a public park, and that she had as good a right as anybody to be there? She walked nearer to the pond and crossed the bridge to the starting-place of the little boats. For some time she watched the children happily, keeping a particularly sharp lookout for the possible black curls of Susie Smith. She would have liked to take a ride in the pretty boats, herself, but the sign said "Five cents" a trip, and she did not have any money with her. She smiled hopefully into the faces of several women, and twice she spoke tentatively. But no one spoke first to her, and those whom she addressed eyed her coldly, and made scant response.

After a time she turned her steps into still another path. Here she found a white-faced boy in a wheel chair. She would have spoken to him, but he was so absorbed in his book that she turned away after a moment's wistful gazing. Soon then she came upon a pretty, but sad-looking young girl sitti. . . Read More

Community Reviews

An entertaining sequel to 'Pollyanna', full of characters from the first book, including Aunt Polly, John Pendleton and Jimmy Bean, who is now Jimmy Pendleton.

In the first half of the book, Pollyanna is sent to stay with Mrs Ruth Carew, a lady in deep depression because her beloved little nephew...more

Pollyanna shown in ''Pollyanna Grows Up'', isn't the same as the one shown in the first book. She really got my nerves on.

This is the most dearest and charming book EVER! I enjoyed it even a teensy bit more I think than the first book and was "glad" indeed when everything ended so nicely and perfectly. It only took me a couple of days to finish; I couldn't put it down. A new favorite book to add with my collection o...more

This book was a bit strange as it was definitely a 2-in-1 story. The first half of the book starts soon after the first book ended and Pollyanna is now 12, and not 11 years old as she was in the first book. The story involves her aunt and uncle leaving for Germany and so Pollyanna goes to live wi...more

I love this book so much! The second half even more than the first, although the first half is important to the second. Even if it does contain the most convoluted imaginary love polygon in the history of literature. :)

Seriously, though, every time I go to diagram this thing, my mind threatens to...more

A wonderful follow-up to the first book!

The first half of this book takes place soon after "Pollyanna," with the second half being about her growing up, how she finds work and falls in love - a part that I always enjoy reading about, particularly when a character has become a favorite. I simply...more

Another great Porter book and a fabulous sequel. I just love all of these characters!

--- Pollyanna Grows Up ---
Plot: Ok.
Penokohan: Ok.
Gaya bercerita: Ok.

Baca sinopsisnya langsung saja ya^^
Jadi setelah membaca Pollyanna, saya langsung membabat kelanjutannya. Maksudku-- setelah mengistirahatkan mataku dari kejenuhan tentunya. Buku kali ini, terjemahannya sudah membaik. Tapi typo te...more

Padahal saya belum baca Pollyanna buku pertama, tapi "permainan sukacita"-nya udah langsung tertanam di diri saya.

Saya sempet bersikap agak skeptis di awal-awal cerita. Karena... yah, realistis ajalah, sulit membayangkan semua hal di kenyataan sebagai kebahagiaan atau sukacita...more

It was interesting to discover what happened to Pollyanna and Jimmy in their later years, although I found Aunt Polly's relapse quite unbelievable.......more

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