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The Point Of Honor

Joseph Conrad

Book Overview: 

Set during the Napoleonic Wars, “The Point of Honor” features two French Hussar officers, D’Hubert and Feraud. Their quarrel over an initially minor incident turns into a bitter, long-drawn out struggle over the following fifteen years, interwoven with the larger conflict that provides its backdrop. At the beginning, Feraud is the one who jealously guards his honor and repeatedly demands satisfaction anew when a duelling encounter ends inconclusively; he aggressively pursues every opportunity to locate and duel his foe. As the story progresses, D’Hubert also finds himself caught up in the contest, unable to back down or walk away.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .ing headache would permit of mental operations.

Lieutenant D'Hubert released the girl's wrists. She flew away down the path and crouched wildly by the side of the vanquished warrior. The shades of night were falling on the little trim garden with this touching group whence proceeded low murmurs of sorrow and compassion with other feeble sounds of a different character as if an imperfectly awake invalid were trying to swear. Lieutenant D'Hubert went away, too exasperated to care what would happen.

He passed through the silent house and congratulated himself upon the dusk concealing his gory hands and scratched face from the passers-by. But this story could by no means be concealed. He dreaded the discredit and ridicule above everything, and was painfully aware of sneaking through the back streets to his quarters. In one of these quiet side streets the sounds of a flute coming out of the open window of a lighted upstairs room in a modest house interrup. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Like most people, my familiarity with Conrad began and ended with 'The Heart of Darkness', a famously dark, brooding, visceral dredging up of human flaws. While I certainly enjoyed the moral explorations and stylistic form of the work, I didn't feel the call I feel after reading some authors that le

Years ago, watching TV, flipping through the channels, one lame program after another, I came across a Napoleonic film midway through and stopped for a moment because I recognized Keith Carradine. Then I saw Harvey Keitel. Intrigued, I continued to watch and was quickly enthralled. The film was, I w

Traveller was kind enough to point me to this tale of a pair of French duelists who meet several times regarding their “point of honor". Though I felt the beginning was rather long and seemed to drag on a bit, the story itself elicited more emotion out of me than I had expected. I’ve often wondered

"Un duelo, ya se mire como una ceremonia de culto al honor, ya reducido en su esencia moral a una forma de deporte masculino, exige una absoluta entrega, un sentimiento de homicida austeridad."

Ricardo Piglia afirmaba que esta corta y entretenida novela del enorme Joseph Conrad era una absurda histor

Brilliant novella written by a true master story teller. Two officers in the Napoleon wars are extremely focused on the duels they fight with each other. D'Hubert, aristocratic, moderate, a strategist who doesn't love Napoleon. Feraud, a hot blooded Gascogne on the other hand, loves Napoleon. He is

Napoleón I, cuya carrera fue una especie de duelo contra la Europa entera, desaprobaba los lances de honor entre los oficiales de su ejército. El gran emperador militar no era un gran espadachín y tenía bien poco respeto por las tradiciones.

Los duelistas, o El duelo, o Una cuestión de honor, que

"Thus to this man, sobered by the victorious issue
of a duel, life appeared robbed of its charm, simply because it was no
longer menaced."
- Joseph Conrad, The Duel (aka The Point of Honor)

Based loosely on the lives of two French calvary officers (Hussars: Dupont and Fournier-Sarlovèze) during the Napo

Πέμπτο βιβλίο του Τζόζεφ Κόνραντ που διαβάζω, δεύτερο για φέτος. Δεν είχα σκοπό να πιάσω τόσο σύντομα στα χέρια μου άλλο βιβλίο του συγγραφέα, μετά από αυτό που διάβασα τον Ιανουάριο, έλα όμως που κυκλοφόρησε για πρώτη φορά στα ελληνικά, μόλις πριν λίγες μέρες, το "Η μονομαχία", που αποτελεί και τη

-El momento histórico y las personalidades se forjan entre ellos.-

Género. Novela (mucho más histórica de lo que son algunas que dicen ser novela histórica, pero esa no fue su intención cuando se escribió).

Lo que nos cuenta. En el libro Los duelistas (publicación original: The Point of Honor. A Milit

"A perfect singleness of intention, a homicidal austerity of mood"

Se ben ricordo, nella sua biografia (Il mondo di ieri) Stefan Zweig scrive che Napoleone Bonaparte, dimostrando nei fatti le possibilità offerte dai tempi nuovi a un giovane coraggioso e ambizioso, per quanto di modeste origini, avev

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