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James Fenimore Cooper

Book Overview: 

Natty Bumppo goes by many names: La Longue Carabine, Hawk Eye, Leatherstocking, and in this tale, The Pathfinder. Guide, scout, hunter, and when put to it, soldier, he also fills a lot of roles in pre-Revolution upstate New York. An old friend, Sergeant Dunham of the 55th Regiment of Foot, asks him to guide his daughter through the wilderness to the fort at Oswego where Dunham serves. With the French engaging native Indian allies against the British and the Yankee colonists, such a journey is far from safe.

Dunham has a plan in mind – to see his daughter Mable married off to the most redoubtable frontiersman and marksman in the territory, who is Pathfinder himself. But as an attractive and marriageable young lady, she draws other suitors. Then a military expedition contrives to put Sgt. Dunham, Mable, Pathfinder, and two other wooers into an isolated and dangerous garrison. Here treachery raises the stakes, and with the soldiers of the detachment shot down or captured, all of them must show mettle for any of them to escape with their scalps.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .now; he has been a soldier since he was sixteen, and he looks upon his trade as every way as respectable as that of a seafaring man, a point I hardly think it worth while to dispute with him."

"My father has been taught to believe that it is honorable to carry arms," said Mabel, "for his father was a soldier before him."

"Yes, yes," resumed the guide; "most of the Sergeant's gifts are martial, and he looks at most things in this world over the barrel of his musket. One of his notions, now, is to prefer a king's piece to a regular, double-sighted, long-barrelled rifle. Such conceits will come over men from long habit; and prejudice is, perhaps, the commonest failing of human natur'."

While the desultory conversation just related had been carried on in subdued voices, the canoes were dropping slowly down with the current within the deep shadows of the western shore, the paddles being used merely to preserve the desired direction and proper p. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Ось і завершився четвертий роман мого перечитування Пенталогії про Шкіряну Панчоху. Адже я перечитую в порядку написання, а не хронологічному. Так, я почав з Піонерів, або Біля витоків Саскуеханни, далі був Останній з могікан, далі - Прерія. Про переваги та недоліки від такого читання - в попередніх

This was the 3rd book about Natty Bumppo called the Leatherstocking Tales. This book was kind of a slow start (lots of scenery description of northern New York during revolutionary times), but I really liked this book by the end. Cooper was clearly very enamored of the American wilderness and resent

If one can read books promiscuously, as I was reassured in graduate school that one could, I read all five of the books in this series like a complete whore, giving myself entirely over to the story - loved all five. A word of caution, however: They were written in a different order than the chronol

This is the third novel I’ve read now (although alas not in the correct narrative order) in Cooper’s Leather Stocking series and I’ve enjoyed each one tremendously. The frontier setting is once again brought to vivid life as is the life of our hero, the honest, honourable, brave Natty Bummpo (“Ameri

great story. i loved it as a boy. read and day dream. on of this stories that created me as a writer and adventurer

Natty in love. The last of the Leatherstocking books for me and I'm sorry to see them end. Far more than just classics, these five novels embody and predict so much later pop culture that I'm rendered inarticulate. Each of the books can be characterized in a genre and this one is most certainly a ro

Published in 1840, this was the second-to-last of the Leatherstocking Tales to be written, though in terms of the series' internal chronology, it's the third. Protagonist Natty Bumpo ("Pathfinder" is another of his many nicknames) here is in his late 30s. The French and Indian War is still raging; C

Chronologically the third novel in the life of the Leatherstocking Tales’ hero, the Pathfinder follows an epic frontier adventure across the great lakes region, specifically Lake Ontario. The Pathfinder is presented as the perfect archetype of the frontier American. His character is described in rem

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