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Knut Hamsun

Book Overview: 

Pan tells the story Lieutenant Glahn and his summer in a forest north in Norway. He lives in a hut with his dog Aesop and they spend their days to hunting and fishing. In poetic language, Hamsun paints troubled souls in this gem of a book.The text is devoted to the nature in Nordland as well as the people Glahn meets there, as they deal with love, jealousy, and power struggles. We meet two (equally unreliable) narrators, Lieutenant Glahn in the book itself and a hunting companion in the epilogue, consisting of the last five chapters.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Diderik, and keep guard; keep watch; I will let this huntsman tie my shoestring."

And the huntsman is myself, and she will give me a glance of her eyes that I may understand. And when she comes, my heart knows all, and no longer beats like a heart, but rings as a bell. I lay my hand on her.

"Tie my shoe-string," she says, with flushed cheeks. …

The sun dips down into the sea and rises again, red and refreshed, as if it had been to drink. And the air is full of whisperings.

An hour after, she speaks, close to my mouth:

"Now I must leave you."

And she turns and waves her hand to me as she goes, and her face is flushed still; her face is tender and full of delight. And again she turns and waves to me.

But Diderik steps out from under the tree and says:

"Iselin, what have you done? I saw you."Read More

Community Reviews

To end the year with a 5 stars for a 130 years old Norwegian novel !
I didn’t see that coming

- I love a dream of love I once had,
I love you, and I love this patch of earth.
- And which do you love best?
- The Dream.

The story is simple, a man full of love for nature and life, his flame is blaz

As if you needed to revisit it, friends, yet here it is: Hamsun's excruciatingly true-to-life depiction of the exaltation and despair of young love. In his later years, the novelist Anthony Burgess had a pat blurb for certain novels he liked. Of them he would say: "Almost unbearably moving!" That bl

First published in 1894, Pan is an early example of the influence of psychology upon literature – certainly early for Scandinavian writers. The book is translated from the Norwegian. For the author this emphasis on psychology is very deliberate. Hamsun wrote to a friend and critic about his best-kno

-I love a dream of love I once had, I love you, and I love this patch of earth.
-And which do you love best?
-The dream.

With his succinct 1894 novel, Pan, Knut Hamsun once again displays his prowess of capturing the human psychology and detailing the internal conflicts that arise through the sudden ri

Vita nel bosco
Hamsun, grandissimo scrittore norvegese Premio Nobel 1920, è un cantore della natura nordica come luogo idilliaco ove l'uomo potrebbe vivere in condizione di totale armonia e in una dimensione di panismo e sensibilità ecologica. Ma l'individuo è portatore di qualcosa d'inestricabile,

I went into the café and sat down in the corner. I prefer to sit there. I took out my book and opened it. After a while, I looked up and saw that one of the waitresses was standing behind me. I realised she had been there for some time. She was a pretty brunette who looked about twenty.

- Excuse me,

"Εξελίσσεται στην περιοχή της Νορλάνδης, μια ήσυχη και κόκκινη ιστορία αγάπης. Δεν θα βρεθούν πολέμιοι σε αυτό, παρά μόνο άνθρωποι κάτω από διαφορετικούς ουρανούς’’.
Κνουτ Χάμσουν.

Μια απλή και μυστικιστική ιστορία αγάπης ξετυλίγεται σε μια ερημική,παραθαλάσσια νορβηγική κωμόπολη.
Όσα διαδραματίζοντ

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