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One of the 28th: A Tale of Waterloo

G. A. Henty

Book Overview: 

A tale of Victorian-style romance, maritime battles and even the penultimate Napoleonic battle - Waterloo.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . . head of a snake was raised threateningly within striking distance of Jacques Clery's neck as he sank backward. Ralph gave a short cry—too late, however, to arrest the sailor's movements—and at the same moment sprang forward and came down with both feet upon the snake.

"What on earth are you doing?" Jacques asked as he scrambled to his feet. No answer was made to his question, but he saw at once that Ralph was stamping upon the writhing folds of a snake. In a minute the motion ceased.

"That was a close shave, Jacques," Ralph said smiling, though his face was pale with the sudden excitement. "I did not see it until too late to give you warning. It was just the fraction of a second, and even as I jumped I thought he would strike your neck before my boot came on him."

"You saved my life, lad," the other said huskily, trembling from head to foot, as he saw how narrowly indeed he had escaped from death. . . . Read More

Community Reviews

Ok, this is an older Hently book. The title is somewhat misleading as 70% of the novel has nothing to do with Waterloo whatsoever. I enjoyed "Cornet of Horse" much more than this one. As with other Hently novels, a certain suspension of disbelief is needed.

This wasn't one of my favorite Henty's as it seemed to have a bit of a feminist theme in the beginning. However the story gets better near the end, as the seemingly feminine main character becomes a man.

Weirdly paced and wooden adventure story. It had its moments, but there was effectively no character development and Waterloo itself is told from a 40,000 foot view rather than from the point of view of anyone on the ground. It also tries to be three different stories that happen in succession to...more

I am an enthusiast for all things of the Regency/Napoleonic so naturally, I was drawn to this novel by it's title. In that respect, I feel badly let down. If the few pages relating to the Waterloo campaign were removed, it would be a much better book! Without this chapter, which gives a rather bl...more

Not so much a "Tale of Waterloo" since the battle itself is glossed over in about 30 pages.. A pretty good yarn nevertheless.

Henty wrote a multitude of books relating to the Napoleonic wars, however I think this is not his best. While having fairly interesting character development, I felt the story was not quite up to par with some of his other books. And I felt that the few pages regarding Waterloo were not quite suf...more

This book is excellent. It is classic Henty. The sub story about the will was nice but the movement of Ralph and his experiences were the best part. I think Henty was right to not make it just about Waterloo but instead made it about Ralph. Lots of historical data and imagery. Worth a read or lis...more

I especially liked the subplot about the will.

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