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The Old Peabody Pew

Kate Douglas Wiggin

Book Overview: 

A sweet, old fashioned Christmas romance set in an old New England meeting house.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .ncluding ten of school-teaching, had done so little to mar its serenity.  “The lily story is as true as the gospel!” she exclaimed, “and I can see how one thing has led you to another in making the church comfortable.  But my husband says that two coats of paint on the pews would cost a considerable sum.”

“How about cleaning them?  I don’t believe they’ve had a good hard washing since the flood.”  The suggestion came from Deacon Miller’s wife to the president.

“They can’t even be scrubbed for less than fifteen or twenty dollars, for I thought of that and asked Mrs. Simpson yesterday, and she said twenty cents a pew was the cheapest she could do it for.”

“We’ve done everything else,” said Nancy Wentworth, with a twitch of her thread; “why don’t we scrub the pews?  There’s nothing in the orthodox creed to forbid, is there?&. . . Read More

Community Reviews

The story line is simple... with a hint of equal rights for women weaved in. The illustrations are outstanding, and there is a frame of decorations on every page!

a lovely, sweet, old-fashioned romance

4 stars & 4/10 hearts. My favourite thing about Wiggins is how she makes the country people live. I love the quaint, humorous way they talk and think. There is so much beauty in this story, as well as humour; some bittersweetness and hope; and a lovely message. Justin was a sweet boy, and Nancy was

A simple little story. 3.5 stars.

A long desired romance, the old church gossipers, a hard working brave young woman, and an unsure unlucky but driven young man.

It’s everything you’d expect it to be, and have the ending you want. Very quick read, but also not too much intrigue to it.

3.5 stars
I enjoyed this sweet story. While there wasn't much in the way of excitement or action (besides cleaning the church), it was just right for a Christmas read. And I loved the ending.

Christmas and a 'Dorcas society' and a long awaited culmination to a sweet romance.. This almost reminds me of one of L.M. Montgomery's short stories. Sweet and wholesome with some good old-fashioned country charm.

When the Dorcas Society of the Tory Hill Meeting House - a Ladies Aid Society devoted to the upkeep and improvement of that historic church - decide to clean and decorate (as much as they are able) the pews in their beloved house of worship for the Christmas holiday, each member agrees to take charg

Delightful. Just a short, sweet story with a little bit of humor and romance. Perfect for an afternoon read.

I remember as a small (but literate) child, examining books in my aunt's bookshelf and being told "Oh, you don't want that, that's just The Old Peabody Pew." (Of course as a seven-year-old I thought this was a hilarious title!) Recently, I realized that this tale fit into the category of Christmas s

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