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Old Greek Stories

James Baldwin

Book Overview: 

A retelling of old Greek stories involving mythological heroes and their adventures. Tales include those of Prometheus, Io, Perseus and Theseus.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I can weave as well as you."

"Then let me tell you what we will do," said Athena. "Three days from now we will both weave; you on your loom, and I on mine. We will ask all the world to come and see us; and great Jupiter, who sits in the clouds, shall be the judge. And if your work is best, then I will weave no more so long as the world shall last; but if my work is best, then you shall never use loom or spindle or distaff again. Do you agree to this?" "I agree," said Arachne.

"It is well," said Athena. And she was gone.


When the time came for the contest in weaving, all the world was there to see it, and great Jupiter sat among the clouds and looked on.

Arachne had set up her loom in the shade of a mulberry tree, where butterflies were flitting and grasshoppers chirping all through the livelong day. But Athena had set up her loom in the sky, where . . . Read More

Community Reviews

A nice little introductory book to Greek mythology. Every child should read it, adults could start from here to develop better knowledge of the Greek heroes and gods

it is easy reading and informative. i cannot drop my kindle when i am reading. however it does not inclide the golden flee abd hercules....more

I just love Greek mythology ,and going little deeper into its history was awesome and interesting.not much of a book to recommend,but still I hope you read it and like it like I do

These are some of the greek mythology stories rewritten in a way that is supposed to be accesible to child and adult readers alike. Which means they are simplified and not overly violent. I quite liked it, and it was soothing to read.

I am already pretty familiar with a lot of the Greek Mythology as

Hoewel ik de Griekse mythologie geweldig vind, vond ik dit boek echt onzin. De verhalen waren soms echt raar met aanpassingen die gewoon frustrerend waren. En dat telde voor mij gewoon heel erg mee voor het boek, omdat het er ook voor zorgde dat ik gewoon geen zin had in het boek...more

These stories are suitable for children, which are pure and innocent. These stories can teach them what is justice, what is bravery, how people work together, how to regulate themselves to avoid acting like those bad people.
As an adult, the stories are somewhat ideal and corny for me, but wonderful

Baldwin's beautiful rhythm and tone bring new life and accessibility to the Greek myths. Loved every word.

Because of my Morton toe also commonly known as Greek feet, I have this likeness towards greek mythology. This book repeats many stories though. But its not that great but yeah a one time read. They have mostly covered thr common stories and the language is easy too.

a precise, and engaging introduction to the history of Greek gods and goddesses narrated in the form of short stories. A must read starting book for people alien to the history of Greek gods and heroes. amazing bedtime read for kids.

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