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The Notting Hill Mystery

Charles Felix

Book Overview: 

The story deals with the then newly emerging field of 'mesmerism' which we now know as hypnotism, and its use in the planning and execution of three truly devious crimes. The novel, unsually, is written wholly in the form of a series of letters and reports gathered by the investigator from the various witnesses in the case, and the reader is left to decide themselves the guilt or otherwise of the chief suspect.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Mr. Anderton being also, as stated in Mrs. Ward's letter of the 14th June, 1851,[2] extremely delicate.

Of this gentleman all accounts agree in stating that the chief ailment was a constitutional nervousness, mental as well as physical. The latter showed itself in the facility with which, though by no means deficient in courage, he could be startled by any sudden occurrence however simple; the former, in his extreme sensitiveness to the opinions of those about him, and his dread of the slightest shadow of reproach on the name of which he was so justly proud. In the accompanying documents you will find instances of both these idiosyncrasies.

In the summer of 1854 Mr. Anderton's attention seems to have been drawn to the subject of Mesmerism. They had been spending some weeks at Malvern, where this science seems particularly in vogue, and had there made acquaintance with several of the patients at the different water-cure establishments, by some of whom Mr. . . Read More

Community Reviews

to hunt down/look into. Wanda found a site: Read here. Thanks for your incredible sleuthing skills, Wanda.

Opening is The Private Enquiry Office, Clements Inn, London, January 1958: GENTLEMEN, In laying before you the extraordinary revelations arising from my examination into the case of the late Ma


The Notting Hill Mystery by Charles Warren Adams is a 2015 British Crime Library publication. (Originally published in 1862)

Groundbreaking British Mystery!

Ralph Henderson is an insurance investigator who carefully lays out a solid case of insurance fraud and murder. Much like a police detective wou

El libro comienza con una introducción muy detallada del escritor Mike Ashley defendiendo que este es el primer libro de detectives. En este texto podemos ver muchos ejemplos de novelas anteriores en las que aparecían detectives y policías como personajes, pero la trama no se basaba en su trabajo. N

This is seen, by scholars, as the first successful English detective novel, and one should really read it for historical perspective rather than to feed your modern taste. This edition is a British Library facsimile reprint of the 1865 book printing, which lacks the George du Maurier illustrations t

Reviewed for The Bibliophibian.

The main point of interest in this classic is the fact that it was a first. The introduction is more interesting than the book in many ways, putting it in its context and explaining why it was significant. The introduction is short, don’t get me wrong, but the story it

Hailed as the "first detective fiction" novel, this one is so incredibly unique. It predates Wilkie Collin's "The Moonstone" (1868) as it was written in a serialized format between November 29, 1862 and January 17, 1863. Written in an epistolary format between letters, journal entries, and depositi

Good grief -- this book might possibly win the award for most convoluted murder mystery I've ever read, but it's definitely and seriously fun. It's definitely got a thin plot, but it rates high on my enjoyment-o-meter because of its diabolical craziness and downright crazy story elements.

First seri

The Premise:

The Notting Hill Mystery is, according to the introduction, either the first true detective story or among the first true detective stories, though it departs a little from the type by featuring not a police or private detective, but an insurance investigator, and by presenting all the g

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