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The Night Horseman

Max Brand

Book Overview: 

A man, a dog, and a horse. The call of the wild geese. A very smart doctor from the east who finds there is a lot to learn from these desert people. A woman loved by three men. A gunslinger who has a debt to settle. Max Brand brings them all together in another one of his over three hundred exciting western tales. Brand is not your typical western writer.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .If he had been by nature the bully and the ruffian there would have been no point in all that followed, but the heart of Jerry Strann was ordinarily as warm as the yellow sunshine itself; and it was a common saying in the Three B's that Jerry Strann would take from a child what he would not endure from a mountain-lion. Women loved Jerry Strann, and children would crowd about his knees, but this day the small demon was in him.

"You want to be moving along" mimicked the devil in Jerry Strann. "Well, you wait a while. I ain't through with you yet. Maybe—" he paused and searched his mind. "You've given me a fall, and maybe you can give the rest of us—a laugh!"

The chuckle of appreciation went up the bar and down it again.

"I want to ask you," went on the devil in Jerry Strann, "where you got your hoss?"

"He was running wild," came the gentle answer. "So I took a walk, one day,. . . Read More

Community Reviews

The second volume in the 'Dan Barry' series, and I enjoyed this one more than the first. Max Brand's Westerns are strange: they seem like pulp Westerns on the surface, but they have supernatural elements and (perhaps more to the point) elements derived from Greek mythology underneath.

In this book, h

The continuing adventures of Whistling Dan Barry, the otherworldly hero of Max Brand's first three Western novels. We get closer to understanding some of the mysteries surrounding Barry in this yarn. He is more in tune with the animal world than with humans, and his loyalties to his black horse Sata

Sequel to Whistelin' Dan where decisions are made and judgement delivered. Good character development and dialogue. To be continued.

I liked this about 1/2 star less than the first in the series about Whistlin' Dan (The Untamed). He is the total nature man, with the strength and cunning of a panther. He and his horse and wolf-dog communicate with one another marvelously, but he sure doesn't know how to relate to people well, even

What an Author l

This man must have a Bibliography in his head! Outstanding job. This story is fabulous,and one of the really good ones I have read. I have no doubt he is a great guy!

This was a really unusual western. It's an old book I bought at the Wallowa library sale. It was written in 1920. I liked it but it sure wasn't what I was expecting. I think the night horseman was "death". The book reminded me a lot of the Brad Pitt movie, "Meet Joe Black". I would love to discuss t

Like we say in France "it does not break three leg to a duck"....th story drowned itself after a while. nothing really happened and the end...guess I was already sleeping like a log at the time I was reading those last pages...or felt like I was
So I won't try it again except if I'm plagued by insomn

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