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New Treasure Seekers

E. Nesbit

Book Overview: 

Oswald, Dora, Dicky, Alice, H.O, and Noel fill their free time with entertainments that don't always turn out as they plan. But whether telling fortunes at a fete, unwittingly assisting an elopement, reforming their nasty cousin Archibald or even getting arrested, it is all good fun, and usually in a good cause.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .mily tree, but such is girls' undetermined and affectionate silliness. "Tell sister all about it, H.O. dear. Why couldn't it be Alice's fault?"

H.O. cuddled up to Dora and said snufflingly in his nose—

"Because she hadn't got nothing to do with it. I collected it all. She never went into one of the houses. She didn't want to."

"And then took all the credit of getting the money," said Dicky savagely.

Oswald said, "Not much credit," in scornful tones.[52]

"Oh, you are beastly, the whole lot of you, except Dora!" Alice said, stamping her foot in rage and despair. "I tore my frock on a nail going out, and I didn't want to go back, and I got H.O. to go to the houses alone, and I waited for him outside. And I asked him not to say anything because I didn't want Dora to know about the frock—it's my best. And I don't know what he said inside. He never told me. But I'll bet anything he didn't mean to cheat."

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Community Reviews

The New Treasure Seekers is a collection of short stories starring the Bastable siblings. Some stories are set BEFORE The Story of the Treasure Seekers; some stories are set AFTER The Wouldbegoods. The stories vary in quality, in my opinion. On the one hand, there are a few stories that are truly wo

The Puffin Classics cover art seems to promise mystery and wonder in equal measure, but New Treasure Seekers left me cold. It lacks genuinely funny or exciting scenes, and most of the Bastable kids' adventures are tedious and repetitive. It ends up feeling like E. Nesbit just wrote it to fulfill dem

Wow, what a hidden gem! This series has brought much needed levity and laughter to an anxious season of life for me. The Bastables are hilarious and well meaning and bricks and I wouldn’t be surprised if PG Wodehouse was a fan because the humor is very similar. I can picture Oswald as a Bertie Woost

E. Nesbit is one of the best authors for kids' books that every kid and adult should read.

A collection of stories about the further adventures of the Bastable children. It would have worked better if they had been linked in some way instead of jumbled up chronologically.

The well-meaning but accident-prone Bastable siblings are given another outing by Edith Nesbit, following on from the success of
The Story of the Treasure Seekers
(1899) and
The Wouldbegoods
(1900). We reacquaint ourselves with the 'anonymous' author Oswald, with all his familiar malapropism

one of the wisest pieces of advice i ever received as a child came from this book. i quote:

The Constitutions of Clarendon
Clarendon (sometimes called Clarence) had only one constitution. It must have been a very bad one, because he was killed by a butt of Malmsey. If he had had more constitutions or

Delightful, timeless stories.

This book was hilarious and I got plenty of good chuckles out of it. The Bastable children are incorrigible and their adventures are original. I enjoyed Oswald's style of narration. I just wish I could have read the other books first.

I'm not quite sure why I loved this book best of all the Bastable books - maybe because the children are a bit older, and a bit better at doing nice things? Oh God, I'm Dora.

Lovely installment by E. Nesbit.

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