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The Mystery Girl

Carolyn Wells

Book Overview: 

Was it murder or suicide? All entrances to the study where the body was found were locked from the inside. The future college president and groom-to-be had no known cause for suicide, yet no clues in either direction appeared to make any sense. Was Anita, the Mystery Girl, who had just arrived in the New England college town, somehow been implicated? Had she any reason to ensure of the demise of the well-liked man? Perhaps some love letters between the two that nobody was to know about? And what of the mark of a ring on the deceased man's forehead? The college town was abuzz, and it seemed everyone had their own ideas of what actually happened.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .More, he often took it upon himself to answer a remark or question meant for her and for this he sometimes received a fleeting glance, or a ghost of a smile of approval and appreciation.

But all this was superficial. The Adamses, between themselves, decided that Miss Austin was more deeply mysterious than was shown by her disinclination to make friends. They concluded she was transacting important business of some sort, and that her sketching of the winter scenery, which she did every clear day, was merely a blind.

Though Mrs. Adams resented this, and urged her husband to send the girl packing, Old Salt demurred.

“She’s done no harm as yet,” he said. “She’s a mystery, but not a wrong one, ’s far’s I can make out. Let her alone, mother. I’ve got my eye on her.”

“I’ve got my two eyes on her, and I can see more’n you can. Why, Salt, that girl don’t hardly sleep at a. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Dated, easily solved mystery

okay, so racism and sexism abound. the identity the mystery girl is easily solved. less apparent is the method of the murder/suicide.

Racist from our view, but a product of its time. Another mystery where the victim is found in a room with doors and windows locked from the inside. How could this have happened?

An interesting read

A locked room mystery. As in a study in the university town of Corinth a body is discovered. If murder how did the guitly party leave, but if suicide where is the weapon. And what possible motive could there be for either.
I got half the solution but not the motive but overall still an enjoyable myst

The method used to kill John was a good one. The reason for his death, Anita being a jerk to many, the character of her mother, all the "love" at 1st sight and depth of love, not getting a divorce off the bat then pretending to have died, & the reason for the disappearance are some of the things tha

John Waring seems to have everything to look forward to. He's just been elected as president of Corinth University, and his engagement has been confirmed to an attractive local widow, who loves him dearly. But then there appears on the scene a beautiful and mysterious young woman who's quite clearly

This is the type of book you want to like but the main characters are so insipid you really don't enjoy reading the mystery. A strange young woman comes to town and she is at turns absolutely cold and rude and then phony charming. It turns the women off but all the men seem to only see that she is a

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