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The Mystery of Cloomber

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Book Overview: 

The book is narrated by John Fothergill West, who tries to discover why the tenant of Cloomber Hall, General Heatherstone, is nervous to the point of being paranoid. Why are his fears becoming stronger every year at the fifth of October? And why doesn't he let his children leave home? This is a great mystery novel with a sharp twist at the end.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I only know that he imagines some deadly danger to be hanging over his head, and that this danger was incurred by him during his stay in India. What its nature may be I have no more idea than you have."

"Then your brother has," I remarked. "I am sure from the way in which he spoke to me about it one day that he knows what it is, and that he looks upon it as real."

"Yes, he knows, and so does my mother," she answered, "but they have always kept it secret from me. My poor father is very excited at present. Day and night he is in an agony of apprehension, but it will soon be the fifth of October, and after that he will be at peace."

"How do you know that?" I asked in surprise.

"By experience," she answered gravely. "On the fifth of October these fears of his come to a crisis. For years back he has been in the habit of locking Mordaunt and myself up in our rooms on that date, so that we have no idea what occurs, but we have always foun. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Supernatural mystery with a Scottish flavour...more

Apparently, this is Conan Doyle's "forgotten novel." I'm not exactly sure why, though... Personally, I found it to be as good as some of his popular works. The mystery aspect is quite engaging, although the book itself suffers from being over-written and probably would have worked better as another

مش سر كبير ولا حاجة , ولكن بها نسبة لا بأس بها من التشويق والغموض.
الحبكة : "ربما هًوس والدي الشديد بدراسة اللغات الشرقية القديمة والأحجام الفلسفية كان السبب الرئيسي في عدم وصول ثروة العائلة إلى حد كبير , كما وانخفضت إلى حد هزيل بشكل مثير للقلق عندما دعا عمي عائلتنا للعيش في ممتلكاته الاسكتلندية والع

Ако търсите лека и бърза за четене класика, ако си падате по викторианските трилъри или пък ако чисто и просто вече сте изчели (и препрочели) всичко за Шерлок Холмс и сте жадни за още, то „Загадката на имението „Клумбър“ (изд. „Сиела”) е именно за вас! Една от по-малко популярните творби на Сър Артъ

سر كلومبر
الكاتب : آرثر كونان دويل
سنة صدور الكتاب : ١٨٨٩
سنة صدور الكتاب بالعربية : ٢٠٢٠
صدر عن دار دارك للنشر والتوزيع
ترجمة : محمد أحمد حسين
تصميم الغلاف : أسامة علام
عدد صفحات الكتاب : ١٨٣
جنرال إنجليزي عجوز يرتعد من الغرباء وخاصة داكني البشرة، يذهب للعيش مع أسرتة في قرية نائية ويحيط المكان الذي اتخذه س

Publicada por primera vez en entregas entre el 10 y el 29 de septiembre de 1888 en el periódico Pall Mall Gazette —periódico fundado por el prestigioso George Murray Smith, editor de Charlotte Brontë o Thackeray entre otros —, y con ilustraciones de George Hutchinson, El misterio de Cloomber se publ

Dwór Cloomber Hall to położona na odludziu wspaniała posiadłość, idealne miejsce dla takich odludków jak ja. Generał Heatherstone, nowy lokator Cloomber, również nie należy do osób towarzyskich. Dwór zostaje zamknięty dla wszystkich, a dla natrętów, którzy mimo to postanowią przyjechać w odwiedziny,

Those mysterious Orientals...

When a new neighbour moves into the long vacant Cloomber Hall, our narrator John Hunter West and his father and sister are keen to make their acquaintance, since their estate in Wigtownshire, in Scotland’s southwestern corner, doesn’t afford much in the way of society. B

Suspenseful supernatural mystery that does not feature Sherlock Holmes. Centers around a mysterious reclusive family that moves into a remote village. Their tale reaches from the shores of Ireland to the mountains of Afghanistan. Very gothic, and very enjoyable.

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