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The Mysterious Stranger and Other Stories

Mark Twain

Book Overview: 

Here’s a Mark Twain story that’s very unlike those he became famous for. It concerns the deeply religious residents of a small village in Austria during the late sixteenth century, and what happened to several of them when a strange man began to visit their insulated homeland. There’s little of Twain’s humor here; this is a horror story, a parable. . . and a warning.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . . to come out and "tell the truth;" and promised they wouldn't ever tell, but only wanted to know for their own satisfaction, because the whole thing was so curious. They even wanted to buy the secret, and pay money for it; and if we could have invented something that would answer—but we couldn't; we hadn't the ingenuity, so we had to let the chance go by, and it was a pity.

We carried that secret around without any trouble, but the other one, the big one, the splendid one, burned the very vitals of us, it was so hot to get out and we so hot to let it out and astonish people with it. But we had to keep it in; in fact, it kept itself in. Satan said it would, and it did. We went off every day and got to ourselves in the woods so that we could talk about Satan, and really that was the only subject we thought of or cared anything about; and day and night we watched for him and hoped he would come, and we got more and more impatient all the time. We hadn't any . . . Read More

Community Reviews

بیگانه‌ای در دهکده اثری است، که پس از مرگ نویسنده به چاپ رسیده که در آن تواین طنز طبیعی و دوستانه خود را مانند سنگ سخت میکند تا رمانی تلخ بنویسد، با طنزی بدبینانه و سرخورده، که در آن نژاد بشر و کلیساها را به شدت زیر سوال می‌برد. آنها را فریب دهندگان مردم ساده می‌دانست.

متاسفانه کتابی که در دست ما است

In the first act, Mark Twain introduces a mysterious stranger to town, and the way he does it is twisty and thrilling and, well... Mysterious. And then there's the antagonist, the evil Astrologer, who lives in the crumbling tower on the outskirts of town and has a man imprisoned for the sake of stea

The Mysterious Stranger is not a success. Twain never published it, and with good reason, for his approach to his title character in particular and the whole project in general is tonally ambivalent, philosophically inconsistent, and thematically scattered. Add to this the fact that the setting of t

Τέταρτο βιβλίο του Μαρκ Τουέιν που πέφτει στα χέρια μου, μετά τα δυο κλασικά και τρομερά βιβλία με τον Τομ Σόγιερ και τον Χακ Φιν που διάβασα το 2005, στις αρχές της εφηβείας μου δηλαδή (πως περνάνε τα χρόνια ρε!), και την νουβέλα "Ο Τομ Σόγιερ ντετέκτιβ" που διάβασα το 2010. Το μικρό αυτό μυθιστόρη

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