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My Lady Ludlow

Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell

Book Overview: 

This novella by the acclaimed Elizabeth Gaskell follows the reminiscences and life of aristocratic Lady Ludlow, told through the eyes of one of her charges, the young Margaret Dawson. Lady Ludlow epitomizes the unwillingness of the old English gentry to accept the progression of social reform and technology, such as education for the poor and religious leniency. She reminisces about her friends in the French revolution and tries to protect and guide the numerous young ladies she has taken under her care.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Hanbury Arms).  They had as much beer as they could drink while they were eating; and when the food was cleared away, they had a cup a-piece of good ale, in which the oldest tenant present, standing up, gave Madam’s health; and after that was drunk, they were expected to set off homewards; at any rate, no more liquor was given them.  The tenants one and all called her “Madam;” for they recognized in her the married heiress of the Hanburys, not the widow of a Lord Ludlow, of whom they and their forefathers knew nothing; and against whose memory, indeed, there rankled a dim unspoken grudge, the cause of which was accurately known to the very few who understood the nature of a mortgage, and were therefore aware that Madam’s money had been taken to enrich my lord’s poor land in Scotland.  I am sure—for you can understand I was behind the scenes, as it were, and had many an opportunity of seeing and hearing, as I lay or sat mo. . . Read More

Community Reviews


Where I found charm in Cranford and Mr. Harrison's Confessions, there's not really any charm in My Lady Ludlow. There is a multiple-chapter story as told by Lady Ludlow to the narrator (a young woman who lives with her) that is used to explain why Lady Ludlow doesn't want the lower classes to re

Another marvellous set of character studies, filled with characters who are each worth a novel of their own. I never cease to be awed by the clear eyes that Gaskell uses to examine her world and its people. She is never cruel, but she allows her protagonists to reveal their own flaws, and the egregi

No será del gusto de todo el mundo pero a mi me ha ENCANTANDO este libro.
No puede ser más costumbrista; una anciana narra su niñez y juventud junto a Lady Ludlow, una aristócrata muy peculiar, con un fuerte sentido del honor y las tradiciones pero muy buen corazón. Esta historia esconde muchas otras

For me this was the least enjoyable of the 3 books of Cranford chronicles. I had a hard time keeping with the story, but at least it was an audiobook that kept me going with something in the car. Happy to finish it...more

One of Elizabeth Gaskell's books that take a look at the British countryside of the first half of the 19th century, capturing in a humorous way the lives of the inhabitants and the way they were dealing with the social changes of the time. The interesting thing is that we see things from the side of

My Lady Ludlow is one of the Elizabeth Gaskell books that the BBC miniseries Cranford is based on, and because the TV series used more than one of her novels the plots had to be altered so they could fit together. Seeing the series made me want to read what Gaskell wrote, and though sometimes it’s i

This book was told from the point of view of Margaret Dawson who, at the age of 16, was taken in by her distant cousin Lady Ludlow. During the course of this book we learn almost nothing about Margaret, except that she suffered from some physical infirmities. In many ways, Lady Ludlow was charitable

I am trying hard to finish this book before a trip, but I must say it is slow going with the 64-page digression to tell a story from the French Revolution. Sixty-four pages. Digression. French Revolution.

Elizabeth Gaskell is impersonating Victor Hugo.

7/17 Update: Finished!!! I'll take my literary c

Slim on plot but fat on character, and invaluable in the insight it gives to the times.

A novella by Mrs.Gaskill. The more familiar I become with this author the more I love her writing. In this tale she takes us to the late 18th to early 19th century. It is a narrative of a older woman who relates back to a time she spent in her young life during a brief stay of a few years with an ar

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