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The Mummy and Miss Nitocris

George Griffith

Book Overview: 

Certain it should be that, beyond and about this World of Length, and Breadth, and Thickness, there is another World, or State of Existence, consisting of these and another dimension of which only those beings who are privileged to enter or dwell in it can have any conception. Now, if this postulate be granted, it follows that a dweller in this State would be freed from those conditions of Time and Space which bind those beings who are confined within the limits of Tri-Dimensional Space, or Existence. For example, he would be able to make himself visible or invisible to us at will by entering into or withdrawing himself from this State, and returning into that of Four Dimensions, whither our eyes could not follow him—even though he might be close to us in our sense of nearness. Moreover, he could be in two or more places at once, and cause two bodies to occupy the same space—which to us is inconceivable. Stranger still, he might be both alive and dead at the same time—since Past, Present, and Future would be all one to him; the world without beginning or end ..."—From the "Geometrical Possibilities," of Abd'el Kasir, of Cordoba, circa. 1050 A.D.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .nge experiences had, of course, occupied none, since they had taken place beyond the bounds of Time.

Meanwhile, Miss Nitocris had finished her digest of the morning papers, given the cook a few directions, and then gone out on the lawn at the back of the house to have a quiet read and enjoy the soft air and sunshine of that lovely May morning. She lay down in a hammock chair in the shade of a fine old cedar at the bottom of the lawn, and began to read, and soon she began to dream. The news in the papers, even the most responsible of them, had been very serious. The shadow of war was once more rising in the East—war which, if it came, England could scarcely escape, and if it did Someone would have to go and fight in that most perilous of all forms of battle, torpedo attack.

The book she had taken with her was one[Pg 61] of exceedingly clever verse written years before by just such another as herself; a girl, beautiful, learned, and yet absolutely w. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Interesting but flawed

Very much an early science-fictional romance, and as that it’s pretty good. Conceptually jumbled — the fourth dimension is simultaneously a spatial one and a temporal one, and reincarnation is added in. The denouement is a bit of a letdown—after a buildup in which great and dir

Pure fun. Written around the turn of the 20th century, the author imagines the 4th dimension, a type of time travel that allows one to experience the past by thinking about it intensely! The plot bounces from ancient Egypt to "modern" times, exposes scholastic and scientific competition to the judge

A professor manages to get his hands on a real authentic mummy, the mummy of Nitocris no less, the Egyptian queen he named his own daughter after. He quickly realizes his daughter not only carries the same name but also shares the same appearance as the former Egyptian queen. Strange things quickly

Absolutely nothing like what I was expecting! A fantastic read from beginning to end.