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The Moon Pool

Abraham Merritt

Book Overview: 

Dr. David Throckmartin’s scientific expedition to the South Sea Islands discovers among ancient ruins a portal into Muria, an unknown underground world. After the disappearance of Throckmartin, his wife and two companions, his old friend Dr. Walter Goodwin enters Muria with a rescue party, only to confront an fantastic world filled with incredible beings, astounding scientific advances, and the worship of the most evil of all creatures, The Dweller.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I watched him go. Superstitious. I, whose pride was my scientific devotion to fact and fact alone! Superstitious—and this from a man who believed in banshees and ghostly harpers and Irish wood nymphs and no doubt in leprechauns and all their tribe!

Half laughing, half irritated, and wholly happy in even the part promise of Larry O'Keefe's comradeship on my venture, I arranged a couple of pillows, stretched myself out on two chairs and took up my vigil beside Olaf Huldricksson.

CHAPTER IX A Lost Page of Earth

When I awakened the sun was streaming through the cabin porthole. Outside a fresh voice lilted. I lay on my two chairs and listened. The song was one with the wholesome sunshine and the breeze blowing stiffly and whipping the curtains. It was Larry O'Keefe at his matins:

The little red lark is shaking his wings,
Straight from the breast of his love he springs

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Community Reviews

Abraham Merritt (1884-1943), always known as A. Merritt, was a very successful journalist who wrote fiction in his spare time. Most of his stories appeared originally in the pulp magazines of the 20s and 30s and were later republished in novel form. The Moon Pool, published in 1919, is one of his...more

Merritt was quite popular in his time. The Moon Pool originally appeared in serialized form in 1919 and was an instant hit. The breathless prose seems off-kilter today and the flip racism shines an unflattering light on a less-enlightened time. There are similarities to H.P. Lovecraft, H. Rider H...more

Admission #1: I picked this up off the shelf because it has the word "moon" in it. Yes, that's right. I have some hippie in me, somewhere beneath all the grunge and macaroni and cheese. I'm all about the moon.

Admission #2: I decided to purchase it because on the cover are the words A Forerunner t...more

I wanted to rate this one higher, but it was something of a chore to finish. Better than three stars, but not four (3 1/2 stars). Oh, it's crammed with great descriptive writing, which is Merritt's strength. And the good stuff includes giant frog people, a dragon, two beautiful women at war, wild...more

4.5 stars. Great early SF story with beautiful, evocative writing and a great story. Reads like a classic.

While Pulp era writers Robert E. Howard and H. P. Lovecraft have remained popular over 80+ years after they stopped writing A. Merritt seems to have fallen into the dreamlands. If you are a fan of REH or HPL you should try Merritt out. He has Howard's fast paced story combined with Lovecraft's se...more

Όμορφο old school fantasy που για μία ακόμα φορά Αγγλοσάξωνες ταξιδεύουν σε μια φανταστική χώρα (εδώ μιλάμε για έναν υπόγειο πολιτισμό όπου εξερευνούν τα μυστικά του και αντιμετωπίζουν ένα πλάσμα πέρα από τα όρια της αντίληψης. Ο Merritt εντυπωσιάζει με τις λεπτομερείς περιγραφές αλλά και με την...more

Sui generis

“…the Shining One pulsed and spiraled in evilly glorious lambency of sparkling plumes.”

There’s much to annoy, confuse, and dismay the modern reader in Abraham Merritt’s seminal pulp novel written in 1918. Among the hurdles the novel presents are the author’s singular purple prose, l...more

An expedition to a remote island, in the South Pacific, is organized by Dr.Walter Goodwin ,to rescue a friend, Dr. Throckmartin, his wife, and an associate.Throckmartin had vanished from a ship, in the middle of the ocean!The mysterious Ponape, is where the searchers believe, he's gone to, and th...more

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