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The Montessori Method

Maria Montessori

Book Overview: 

In the early 1900's Dr. Maria Montessori began to reform educational methods with her work the 'Case dei Bambini' in Rome, Italy. Montessori began her work by developing methods to educate mentally retarded children, the method she developed was used with several children who at age eight took the state examinations in reading and writing, the children passed with above average scores. Because of this success (which is known as the 'first Montessori Miracle') Dr. Montessori was asked to open a school for children in Rome which she did. It was called the Case dei Bambini or “Children's House”. This book explains the Montessori Method of Education which supports “spontaneous self-development” of children and is used in the Case dei Bambini as well as many many Montessori Schools through out the world.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .d straight, made it possible for them to become humpbacked! The vertebral column, biologically the most primitive, fundamental, and oldest part of the skeleton, the most fixed portion, of our body, since the skeleton is the most solid portion of the organism—the vertebral column, which resisted and was strong through the desperate struggles of primitive man when he fought against the desert-lion, when he conquered the mammoth, when he quarried the solid rock and shaped the iron to his uses, bends, and cannot resist, under the yoke of the school.

It is incomprehensible that so-called science should have worked to perfect an instrument of slavery in the school without being enlightened by one ray from the movement of social liberation, growing and developing throughout the world. For the age of scientific benches was also the age of the redemption of the working classes from the yoke of unjust labor.

The tendency toward social liberty is most evi. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Good one.. The concepts are first presented with scientific explanation and then concrete examples.. Book becomes abstract in many places and dry. One needs to have patience. I liked the second half better.. Will keep it as reference latter. Im A big believer, lover and advocate of Montessori method

My friend who introduced me to Montessori for teaching my son preschool at home actually told me NOT to read Dr. Montessori's books because I wouldn't understand them because of her theories and technical language that she uses.
However, I strongly believed that if this was something I wanted to lea

Sobre la autora:

Maria Montessori  creó un método y una forma de enseñanza en donde se debe respetar el ritmo decaprendizajevde los niños y niñas y en su desarrollo integral desde el nacimiento.
Este metodo ayuda a que los niños sean autónomos, independientes, responsables y capaces de pensar por si m

Some thoughts. Warning: words ahead.

The gist of the philosophy maintains that a child learns best when he explores the lessons at his own pace. To avoid tiring out a teacher with a class size of more than three, she uses didactic materials not only designed to let the child figure it out on his own

Bel libro!
Anche se non ho figli ho sentito molto parlare del metodo Montessori, quindi appena mi è capitato il libro sottomano ho approfittato per approfondire.
Temi molto interessanti, libro del 1900 ma molto attuale.

Sicuramente c'è un mondo dietro, anche contemporaneo, di studi scientifici che lo a

So insightful, though a little harder to digest than Dr. Montessori's Own Handbook.

The beginning and end tell an incredible philosophy, beneficial to all, with or without children three through seven-ish. Since this is a library book and highlighting would have proved wasteful for future reference—I have notes.....

chapter 1

She discusses the mechanical training of teachers and comp

Maria Montessori is an anomaly in the educational pedagogy field, she is a woman in a field dominated by male scientists studying narrow topics with scientific rigour. Maria's method has been very human spending over 10 years perfecting her technique in Rome, Italy before writing the book. It is als

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