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The Money Moon: A Romance

Jeffery Farnol

Book Overview: 

The Money Moon is a light-hearted romance. Jilted in love, our American millionaire hero, George Bellow, takes a walking tour of the Kent countryside to overcome the “Haunting Spectre of the Might Have Been”. Along the way he makes friends with a young boy out to discover a fortune to save his Aunt Anthea from having to sell the family estate and George discovers his ideal “Arcadia” and true love.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . . the ways of the world, and the pretty tricks and wiles of the Beau Sex Feminine, smiled down at Bellew with an expression of such roguish waggery as said plain as words: "We know!" And Bellew, remembering a certain pair of slender ankles that had revealed themselves in their hurried flight, smiled back at the cavalier, and it was all he could do to refrain from winking outright.


Which tells of Miss Priscilla, of peaches, and of Sergeant Appleby late of the 19th Hussars

Small Porges was at his lessons. He was perched at the great oak table beside the window, pen in hand, and within easy reach of Anthea who sat busied with her daily letters and accounts. Small Porges was laboriously inscribing in a somewhat splashed and besmeared copy-book the rather surprising facts that:

A stitch in time, saves nine. 9.


The Tagus, a river in Spain. R.

and th. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Pretty cute, quick read. When George Bellew is rejected by the girl he thought he would marry, he asks his butler for advice. The butler finally concedes his opinion that George was never in love at all, but summarizes the typical ways men act when they are crossed in love. George decides his best o

This was the sweetest Farnol I've ever read. I am truly sorry I put off reading it so long.

The story starts with George Bellow, a American millionaire, who had set off to England to win a fair lady. But, since she doesn't want anything to do with him he trots off on a hike to find himself. That's w

Right up to 90% of the book, I thought this would be a keeper. The growing relationship between the H and his adoptive nephew was so endearing, it brought tears to my eyes a few times. But there was a stupid reaction by the h at that point, that it almost ruined the book for me. Nevertheless, this i

I've never read any Farnol before but I will look for more after reading this! He manages to write a story with not one but two romances that strike the right blend of old-fashioned sweetness without being too saccharine. So many charming, lyrical descriptions of the beautiful "Arcadia" that our her

That's really all you need to know. A few notes:

I read this because Jack Vance lists Farnol as a personal favorite. Maybe I picked the wrong Farnol book.

The protagonist is supposed to be charming, but comes across as insufferable. He just sits around smirking at poor people for most of the book.

In t

It was a lovely, sweet and cute story. It reminds me of Marietta: A Maid of Venice and The Princess Bride, although they are different, I have felt a similar atmosphere. All because of an narration like in a fairy tale. There aren't fairies and so on but still it is so cute that I wanted to hug thes

A highly improbable little confection written in 1911 before England had entirely lost her innocence. I read a first edition with glorious and very lavish illustrations and page illuminations by Arthur I. Keller. The pictures were better than the story, which I found interesting mostly as a period p

A heartwarming, enjoyable tale of an American billionaire from 1911 who is jilted by his lady-love and is advised by his valet to go find solace in travel. Pretty soon he's off on a lark, proving to himself his hurt hadn't gone too deep, but since he's enjoying his unorthodox lark, he keeps at it. F

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